Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

4 Must-Have Travel Beauty Tools

Written by: Bobbi, In Partnership with Tweezerman

I’m really looking forward to traveling again and when the time comes, I’ll be ready thanks to my friends at Tweezerman. In my latest video, I’m walking you through the beauty tools I always pack in my carry-on bag.

Mini Cuticle Nipper

This makes taking care of your cuticles so easy. I like to oil my cuticles because I have dry nails, afterwards, I’ll use this to clean up any hangnails and trim any dry spots.

Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer & Case

The Slant Tweezer is my all-time favorite tweezer and I love having a mini version I can take on-the-go. (I also keep one in my car—it’s the best lighting for tweezing. Just make sure you’re parked!)

Glass Nail File

This nail file is great for touch ups because it’s super precise. You can also use it to gently push back your cuticles. I really like that it comes in a case, making it easy to transfer from your luggage to your handbag.

Prep & Plane Facial Razors

While these are designed for the face, I like to have them on hand for any last-minute leg or armpit shaving while on vacation. Sometimes you just miss a spot!

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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