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Miracle Balm Quiz

Miracle Balm Quiz

Miracle Balm

It’s all in the name. Miracle Balm is the secret of no-makeup makeup: a wash of soft-focus moisture to perfect and enhance skin. A light-reflecting superproduct that’s as versatile as it is simple to use. Wear Miracle Balm alone or layer on top of foundation for an instant refresh. 

How to Use: Break the top surface of the balm with your index finger first, and then warm it up to soften the formula. Apply balm using your fingertips, palms, a brush, or a sponge onto cheeks, lips, or anywhere you want to tint or glow.

What the Foundation Quiz

What the Foundation Quiz

What The Foundation

What The…Foundation? WTF is a tinted moisture balm meets traditional foundation. Blends seamlessly into the skin—leaving you with an even, fresh complexion that looks like your skin on its best day. WTF is a first of its kind innovation in the clean beauty space.

How to Use:

Using your fingers or the spatula, scoop out the desired amount of WTF. Apply directly to the face using the Skin Brush, sponge, or your fingers. For under eye darkness or blemishes that require additional coverage, the Face Pencil is WTF’s best friend.

The Face Pencil & The Neutralizer Quiz

The Face Pencil & The Neutralizer Quiz

The Face Pencil and The Neutralizer Pencil

A makeup artist’s dream...but simple enough for a newbie to master. The Neutralizer Pencil and The Face Pencil work seamlessly together to correct dark circles, conceal redness and blemishes, and even skin tone. Formulated with a clear base for no chalky undertones, they're virtually undetectable.

How To Use: Always start with a touch of Eye Cream to hydrate and prep your under eyes. Apply The Neutralizer Pencil under your eyes, inner eye corner, and wherever else you are experiencing darkness. Use your finger to tap the product into your skin and cover evenly without tugging the product off. Once the darkness is covered, layer The Face Pencil directly over where you applied The Neutralizer Pencil to even out your skin tone. Tap the product in to blend. Feel free to build up the coverage by applying a second layer. For longer lasting wear, follow up with a light dusting of Tinted Face Powder.

The Bronzer Quiz

A collection of The Bronzer from Jones Road Beauty

The Bronzer Quiz

The Bronzer

A product two years in the making. The Bronzer is a silky powder that adds instant warmth to the skin. Sheer and buildable, it can be used to give skin a natural tint or for color correction. Available in seven shades and developed to work across a range of skin tones and types.

How to Use: Apply Bronzer to places where the sun naturally touches the face—like the forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose—using the Bronzer Brush. Also works perfectly on the neck to seamlessly blend the face to the body.

Tinted Face Powder Quiz

Tinted Face Powder Quiz

Tinted Face Powder

This is powder, reinvented. Tinted Face Powder is a finely milled, ultra-lightweight setting powder designed to seamlessly blend into your skin to set your foundation, color correct where needed, and minimize shine without looking like you’re wearing powder. It’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from Jones Road; a fresh modern take on a traditional staple.

How To Use: Dip The Face Powder Brush into the powder and tap it against your hand or a table to remove any excess powder. Apply to set your complexion products, color correct, or over areas you want to take down oil and shine like the forehead, nose, and chin.

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