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6 Sustainable Beauty Brands to Add to Your Routine

Written by: Christina Valhouli

With the increasing threat of climate change, many of us are trying to do better with our habits and purchases. We bring reusable totes to go shopping and skip the plastic straws for paper ones. But what about skincare products? According to some researchers, the average woman uses about 16 products a day – which adds up to a lot of packaging, plastic bottles and ingredients sourced from around the globe. More beauty companies are shifting towards eco-friendly practices, which means reducing their carbon footprint, using sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging. Here’s a look at six sustainable beauty brands raising the green bar.

Face Halo

Daily use of cleansing wipes and cotton pads can all add up to a whole lot of waste (and expense). Face Halo is a washable cotton pad that helps loosen and remove makeup by moistening the pad – no cleanser is necessary. It can also be used to remove eye makeup. Face Halo says that the pad can be washed 200 times, and the product can be shipped back to the company for recycling when it can no longer be used.

One Love Organics

Decoding whether a company is truly eco-friendly isn’t an easy task. But the Georgia-based One Love Organics, known for its Skin Savior Wonder Balm and Botanical Facial Cleanser, has some of the highest certifications in the industry. It carries the Gold Certified Business Seal of Approval from Green America, and its lab is one of only 20 that are Eco-Certified in the US for natural and organic cosmetics. This means “third-party assurance that the products’ origins and path from source-to-shelf are of the highest quality, certified organic and environmentally friendly.” It also means recyclable packing, the absence of petrochemicals and GMOs, and respecting human health in the production process.


According to this Australian-based company, the average woman will use upwards of 15,000 disposable period products in her lifetime, which can take several centuries to fully decompose in a landfill. Modibodi offers an alternative to pads and tampons. The brand offers period-proof (and incontinence proof) underwear, swimwear and activewear crafted from renewable and tech-savvy antimicrobial materials, including bamboo, microfiber and merino wool. The brand also sells a completely vegan swimwear and underwear line.

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet (or MMT) is a vegan beauty brand with plenty of green credentials. Their products are available to purchase in regular or refillable bulk sizes. With MMT’s recycling program, customers can return their empty containers to the company, where they will be sterilized and used again- while also saving 15%. MMT’s cardboard tube packaging is completely biodegradable, and even the deodorant sticks which operate like a push pop. MMT’s shampoo and conditioner bars are zero waste – and available in scents such as grapefruit mint, and rosemary avocado. The company also donates 1% or more of its profits each month to a range of earth and nature, social justice, or animal rescue organizations.


If you stopped and thought about how many plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner you went through in a year, it would probably be a staggering number. One way to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used is to swap liquid shampoo and conditioner for bars. Ethique offers face, hair and body bars that are plastic free, plant based, palm oil free and cruelty free, and use sustainable ingredients. One bar is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo, while a conditioning bar is the equivalent of five bottles. Ingredients include organic, fair trade coconut oil, cocoa butter, activated charcoal and lemongrass oil.

Hello Products

Hello, which is known for its oral care, has long been committed to sustainability. The company embraces sustainably sourced ingredients, recycles the majority of their commercial waste via their recycling partner, and utilizes FSC paper and soy-based inks for all their paste boxes. Hello is upping their green cred with their new line of toothpaste tablets and “naked pastes” which are packaged in fully reusable and recyclable tins. The Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets & Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablets are also TSA friendly, while the Hemp Seed Nakedpaste & Charcoal Nakedpaste is crafted with coconut oil, xylitol, silica, baking soda, activated charcoal, mct oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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