Diary / Beauty / Aug 10, 2023

The Modern Way to Wear ’90s Makeup

Written by: Bobbi, sponsored by Tweezerman

Photography by: Ben Ritter

When I started my career in the ’90s, many makeup trends at the time didn’t bring out your best self. Think: foundations that didn’t match the skin, crazy eye colors, and contouring. Makeup was very overdrawn, so I defined my style by helping people look more like themselves. While certain beauty trends deserve to be left in that decade, I love that the more wearable parts of ’90s beauty are making another comeback. They included strong brows, sunkissed skin, a matte brown lip, and lush lashes. They’re more approachable than you think — as long as you keep your look simple and fresh. Below, here’s a nostalgic ’90s makeup look with my modern take:  

A Jones Road Beauty model


I created The Brow Kit in collaboration with Tweezerman, which includes the perfect Tweezerman Slant Tweezer and our Brow Pencil to achieve strong, defined brows. The combination is a game changer. Tweeze in the direction of your brow’s hair growth. Otherwise, they might break off. Your Brow Pencil color depends on the color of your hair and your eyebrows. On our model, Anna, we use The Brow Pencil in Brunette.


I also curated The Lash Kit to let you choose a Tweezerman Eyelash Curler that’s perfect for your specific eye shape. The Curl 60° Eyelash Curler has a curved top bar with a high arch, ideal for rounder eyes, and the Curl 38° Eyelash Curler has a wide, flatter top bar great for almond and deep-set eyes. Top it off with the kit’s Mascara to build up your lashes so they look longer and more lush.


A great bronzer — especially a matte bronzer — and a wide brush will achieve the beautiful sunkissed look I remember doing in the ’90s. The Bronzer adds warmth in the right places. On Anna’s skin, I used a combination of The Bronzer in Dusty Rose and Golden Tan. Apply your bronzer with The Bronzer Brush, which is wide and fluffy for that light, even coverage you’re looking for. 


The matte, brown-based lip look from the ’90s is also back. The Lip Tint in Nude Rose makes the trend effortless and wearable. To achieve an even more matte brown finish, use your finger to pat on a thin layer of the powder bronzer over The Lip Tint.

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Diary / Beauty / Aug 10, 2023

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