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Beach Makeup: 7 Tips for a Day in the Sun

Written by: Jones Road Beauty

Photography by: Ben Ritter

Jones Road Model with the shimmer face oil

When you’re headed for a day in the sun, especially on the sand, you may think you have to skip your go-to makeup and opt for a totally bare face. But that’s not the case. Forgo anything too complicated, but the right makeup will complement your adventure, whether you’re headed to the beach, enjoying a picnic, or just basking in the backyard. 

Our products are perfect for this: they’re easy to use, incredibly effective, and, most importantly, they make you feel good. Jones Road Beauty enhances your natural beauty, never masking it, especially when the sun's out and the skies are clear. 

Let's dive into how you can make the most of your day in the sun with makeup that's as ready for fun as you are.

1. Swap Out Your Favorites

What works in colder or more temperate weather may not be as efficient as it once was when you’re faced with the warmth of direct sun. No matter the season, your heavier products meant for deeper nourishment and restoration are likely to be uncomfortable when you’re (responsibly) soaking up the sunlight. Wearing a full-coverage look will quickly feel slick and melty. Discomfort aside, breakouts may follow. Look for lighter options that will let your skin breathe and not hold you back.

Here’s an example. If you usually rely on a heavy-hitting moisturizer like Miracle Cream for the day, when you’re in the water and lazing on the sand, consider Light Moisture Cream or Oil-Free Moisturizer, depending on how strong the temps are.

Do you wear What The Foundation everyday? It’s perfect for evening out your complexion, but if you prefer coverage for your day in the sun, consider simply targeting redness with The Face Pencil and dark circles with The Neutralizer Pencil, instead of reaching for WTF’s moisturizing balm formula. 

In particular, assess if any of your products are emollients—in order for them to do their job and make your skin more supple, these do tend to be thicker and richer, not the most comfortable texture to wear in the heat.

2. Start With a Clean, Hydrated Base

It should go without saying that you always start the day by cleaning and moisturizing your face, and there’s no disputing that if you’re about to spend a lot of time in the sun. 

An oil cleanser, like The Cleansing Stick, is the way to go, even if you’re leery of using oil in temperatures that may exacerbate oily skin. Once clean, the hydration step is next. It is especially important if you’re spending time in the sun. During the scorching summer months, the sun can dry out your skin more quickly, even if you’re in a humid climate. If you have very oily skin, you may be able to skip moisturizing and go straight to applying sunscreen. 

Jones Road Model

3. Protect Your Skin & Hair

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen—if there’s one takeaway from this article, this is it (even though we’re not breaking any news here). This always goes after moisturizer. And don’t forget to reapply as the day goes on. (Especially if you’re using actives as part of your skincare routine as your complexion might be more sensitive than usual and prone to irritation that takes longer to recover from.)

Sunglasses are a must, too, as is keeping a hat on hand, to give coverage to your face and block your strands from direct exposure. 

Also? Don’t forget about your hair, even if you are wearing a hat. Our Jones Road x Hervé Universal Hair Balm helps your hair withstand heat while controlling frizz.

4. Achieve a Natural Glow

That perfect, sun-kissed radiance that makes it look like you've just returned from a tropical vacation is a welcome look all year long but it’s especially flattering in the summer.

This is where our Gel Bronzer steps in. It's not about overpowering your natural beauty, simply about enhancing it. Imagine a bronzer that's so light and airy, you'll forget you're wearing it. 

With shades tailored to different skin tones, there's a natural bronze for everyone. And the application is as easy as knowing where the sun would naturally kiss your face—cheeks, nose, forehead, and even a little on your neck. 

The result is a glow that looks as natural as the sun itself, giving you the perfect summer glow without the skin damage from unprotected sun exposure.

For something just as lightweight with a bit more radiance, our Shimmer Face Oil is a silky highlighter that offers subtle, blendable color.

5. Opt for Vibrant, Low-Maintenance Lips

A lip that pops is a perfect idea for a day in the sun. You don’t want to be preoccupied with touching up a pristine pout but a liquid and/or matte color that promises to not budge isn’t the answer either. Long-lasting formulas may dry out more quickly in the heat and feel uncomfortable.

We have a few options that comfortably endure without any fuss. 

For the most pigment, The Lip Tint is a swipe-on-and-go, moisturizing lipstick that builds to your desired intensity. The color payoff is subtle and sheer for a comfortable, natural-looking wear. Of course, you can always dial up the intensity and longevity by layering over The Lip Pencil. Don’t let a day at the beach stop you from embracing a more dramatic look, but on its own, The Lip Tint offers the low-maintenance beauty at home on any outdoor excursion. Both of these are equipped with castor seed oil, a natural humectant that restores the skin’s moisture barrier.

Looking for a high-shine moment? Enter Cool Gloss. It’s lightweight, never sticky or tacky, and hydrating, too—thanks to shea butter that softens, conditions, and moisturizes. Smooth on a layer and press your lips together to transfer. 

For something even more easygoing (and dual-purpose), Lip and Cheek Stick, also packed with castor seed oil, is convenient and colorful, but subtly so.

A dense and cushiony lip balm, The Lippie Stick offers moisture, color, and protection—an added plus if you find yourself in more extreme elements out in the sun. Its comfort stems from castor seed oil and jojoba oil, so you can be sure it’s enjoyable to wear. Available in 11 colors plus the clear Original, The Lippie Stick is the sheerest option out of all.

6. Maintain Defined Brows

Your eyebrows are a key component of your look because they frame your face and give it structure. But when you’re going for a more low-maintenance, outdoor, and sweat-friendly look, a full, strong, filled-in brow may feel like too much. 

A brow gel, however, is the perfect way to give your brows structure and definition without causing problems for your sunny day. With our Brow Gel, available in shades from Clear to Dark Brunette, you can get a stunning, put-together look that still feels easy and looks natural. 

Its glycerin-infused formula means not only are your brows getting shaped and styled, but they're also being cared for. Application is a breeze with the spoolie brush, giving you the precision and ease you need for perfect brows every time. 

7. Keep Your Eye Makeup Light  

While a full face and smokey eye may be your go-to for a night out, it might look a little intense in the vibrant sunlight. Plus, if you’re doing any physical activity, even the best products are likely to struggle under the strain of sweat and heat, leading to smudging and watering eyes

Keep your eye makeup light—a lightly defined brow, as we just mentioned, and a swipe of The Mascara to give your eyes a boost without feeling over the top.

If you want to wear eye shadow, light, natural shades of The Best Eyeshadow are your allies under the sun. The blendable hues enhance your eyes without being too heavy or dramatic (which would be more evident after you race to the pool or sweat in the midday heat). 

A touch of glimmer is also a good look. Sparkle Wash, with its doe-foot applicator, is easy to apply and doesn’t crease or move. 

Final Words

With Jones Road products and these expert tips, you're set to achieve a look that not only braves the sun's challenges but also amplifies your natural beauty. 

The key lies in protection, lightweight application, and endurance. Whether you're lounging on the beach, enjoying a picnic, or taking a leisurely park stroll, your makeup remains as ready and radiant as you are. 

Embrace the day, embrace the sun, and let your natural beauty shine through with confidence.

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Diary / Beauty / Mar 27, 2024

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