Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Beauty Quick Tip: 4 Easy Ways to Remove Your Makeup

Written by: Bobbi

True story: when my kids were babies and both in diapers and I was a working makeup artist and starting a new company, I used to literally fall into bed at night. But my mother taught me to never go to bed without washing off my makeup. One exhausted night I was in my bathroom and grabbed a baby wipe to quickly take everything off. I went in to work the next day and suggested we make an all- in-one cleansing cloth. I was laughed at and told it was “disgusting.” This was all way before the cleansing wipe explosion. I still make sure to take my makeup off every night before bed and have found a few simple (and quick) ways to do it.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an all-in-one cleanser, remover, and moisturizer. You can gently remove anything from mascara to lipstick. The oils help to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and excess oils without stripping your skin. Apply and then use a gentle washcloth to wipe it all off with water. I like to leave a cushion on the skin and skip the moisturizer. Coconut oil also works as a body moisturizer and hair mask. Honestly just go to your local supermarket and buy one off the shelf, just make sure the only ingredient is coconut.

Micellar Waters

Micellar water rocks. I love the one from Garnier. It is so quick and effective. All you need is a cotton ball to remove everything so fast. Sometimes I have to use a Q-Tip to get the black rings of mascara away. I use a moisturizer afterwards as it’s not as hydrating as the coconut oil.

Cream Cleansers

Bar soap is often too drying, so I gravitate towards milky cream, gel, and balm cleansers. I love when the foam and are easy to wash off with warm water. I’ve been using the Eve Lom Cleanser.

Face Wipes

There are a lot of face wipes to choose from now and I am always trying different ones out. I tend to like ones that aren’t sticky and smell nice. Lately I’m loving the ones from Acure Organics in Coconut. I keep a pack in my travel kit and in my bathroom drawer.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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