Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Beauty School: Deborah Watson’s 5-Minute Fall Glow

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Deborah Watson for years. She’s an incredible stylist and an even better model! I love every time she steps in front of the camera for me. Here’s how to get her fall-ready look;


I prepped her skin with Eye Cream and Light Moisture Cream—your makeup will always look better if your skin is properly hydrated. I applied The Face Pencils in shades 16 and 17 to even lighten up darkness under the eyes and correct any redness around the nose and mouth. To enhance her summer tan, I layered Miracle Balm in Tawny and Sunkissed on her face. I love using Miracle Balm to help foundation and concealer blend more seamlessly into the skin.


I wanted to do an all-over eyeshadow color, so I used The Best Eyeshadow in Peachy Nude, which really brightens up the eyes. When you’re using one color, it’s important to keep eyes defined. You can do a tight liner and add black mascara. On Deb I applied a few coats of The Mascara to make her eyes pop.


I love Deb’s natural lip color, so I just added Miracle Balm in Au Naturel to lips to give her some shine and add some hydration. This is a look you can do in five minutes or less — perfect for getting out the door this fall.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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