Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Beauty School: Summer Bridal Makeup

Written by: Bobbi

A few weeks ago I had the honor of doing my now daughter-in-law's wedding makeup. Payal is a true beauty inside and out (she’s even been in front of the camera for Jones Road) . And truth be told, her just woke up look is pretty stunning— so doing this makeup was so much fun for me.

Here’s everything I used and how to get the look:

Skin Care

It’s so important to start with prepping the skin. It’s going to help the makeup go on while creating the perfect canvas for the look. I started with moisturizer, using both Eye Cream and our soon-to-be-released Light Moisture Cream. I added Hippie Stick to her body, arms, and lips and used a little bit of the Oil Stick after the makeup application in places we wanted extra shine.


On her face, I used The Face Pencil in shade 13 as a concealer, applying it under the eyes to brighten up any darkness. I also added shade 8 to the darkest recessed areas to help correct any dark spots. Then I used shades 16 and 18 on her face to even out her tone and hide any redness and cover stubborn spots. I used my fingers to apply and blend the shades but you can also use a brush.

I finished by using Miracle Balm in Tawny to add a sheer wash of color. Tawny is my personal favorite shade. I also added The Best Blush in Pop (a super pretty pink that works on all skin tones), which is launching in a special kit in the fall.


For Payal’s brows, I used the Brow Pencil in Brunette first to fill in and define and then Dark Brunette to fill in any holes. I always like to start by brushing the brows up using a spooly brush, and then fill in using the pencils. These are great because they add color, but also have little fibers that give the brows added fullness.

On her eyes, I used Just A Sec in Golden Peach all over her lids, followed by Sparkle Wash in Midas. Then, I added a pretty gold color from my professional kit (from Róen) which I patted over Just A Sec in Linen. Then, I lined her eyes using The Best Pencil in Black along the top and lightly along the bottom lashline. I applied individual lashes from Loveseen and a few coats of The Mascara. I also added a coat of black waterproof mascara to keep the mascara from running in the heat and through tears.

For lighter or darker skin tones, adjust the colors in each category—but the techniques work on all.


The final touch: Cool Gloss in Nude Beige.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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