Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Beauty School: It's All About the Eyes

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

I have always loved working with Alyssa because of her eyes — they are so piercing and bright. For this look, I wanted to use the makeup to even everything out, definer her brows, and really get her eyes to pop.


I started by applying a little bit of concealer under the eyes to eliminate any darkness. Then I used a tinted moisturizer on parts of the face that need to be evened out. Alyssa’s complexion is pretty flawless, so she didn’t need a lot. I set everything with tinted powder, which was mostly used because we were on set, you could skip this step for everyday.

I used a bronzer in warm, pink tone across her forehead, cheeks and neck to get the color even. Then I applied a brighter pink blush just to the apple of her cheeks.


For her brows, I started by filling them in with a dark brown pencil and brushed them up. Then I went back and added a brown shadow on top. I love using brown eyeshadow to fill in brows. It’s the ultimate multitasking product.

On her lids, I applied a light bone color shadow all over and used a little bit of white highlighter under the brow bone. Make sure you do this step before applying liner and mascara.

I used an ink liner on the top lash line to really get that strong definition. I finished with three coats of black mascara.


I kept her lips super simple, with a beige-toned lipstick blotted on. The result is really subtle.

Hair & nails

I love working with Herve, he really kills it when it comes to hair and this blowout was perfect on Alyssa. For her nails, Roza kept it classic with short, red nails.


The look here is totally effortless. Alyssa had just thrown this white tuxedo on over her own tank top and it really worked. No jewelry needed.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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