Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Bobbi Brown's Beauty School: Pretty in Peach

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

Welcome to Beauty School, a new series where I’ll share tips and tricks to creating some of my favorite looks. One thing I’ve always done on set is have the photographer take a photo of the model before we start hair and makeup. I like to see the model first without a stitch of makeup on, so I understand her face...

I love this look on Carly Jade. She reminds me of a young Ellen Barkin. In the before photo, she looks like a Brooklyn hipster and with her makeup and styling, she looks like a young starlet. Very peaches and cream. It’s not a traditional nude look, but a peachy nude.

Some people think nude makeup is the absence of color. And some think it’s the washed-out beige you see a lot on Instagram, which means putting on foundation and taking away all the color from the face, even adding foundation to the lips to remove color. That is not nude makeup, that is beige makeup. And not pretty. This look is peach-y beige and was inspired by this cool Lanvin dress and the Shourouk earrings that she’s wearing,


This look was first about getting the foundation and concealer just right so it matches the skin and doesn’t look like makeup. The key is to let your moisturizer absorb before blending in the foundation and making sure you cover all the red spots.

Even if you apply foundation with a brush or sponge, use your fingers to blend and warm it up until it dissolves into the skin Use concealer under the eye to lighten and brighten the dark circles as close to the lash line as possible. I also add concealer to the inner corner of the eyes and on the lid.

Set the foundation with a yellow-toned loose powder and a touch of a peach-y toned powder on top of it. It gives a really nice skin color that doesn’t look washed out and blends well with the skin on her body. Bronzer on the neck also helps to seamlessly blend.


Fill in the brows, especially when it’s a polished look. It’s not overdone and still looks natural because I used a pencil with a shadow on top of it, so it looks like hair. Brush up and out to smooth them.


The eyeshadow is a layered mix of light colors: I used an ivory or bone shade all over the lid and then a peach-y shadow on the lid followed by a peach in the crease, but blended. I added black liner really close to the upper lash line and underneath. On the bottom lash line, the liner is done with a shadow for a barely there look. The eye is finished with a few coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.


The cheek here is so pretty and fresh. It’s a peach-y color. It’s not the normal pink I usually grab, but more of a pastel-peach. Apply it to the wide apple of the cheek and blend up and into the hairline and down too so it looks flushed and not contoured. There is a little bit of natural highlighter on the cheekbone from a creamy stick formula.


The lips are combination of that same peach-y tone with a little bit of a foundation that was used first to get the color off the lips slightly. It’s blotted on and defined with a pencil and finished with a lip balm.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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