Diary / Beauty / Feb 6, 2024

Bobbi’s Ode to Short Red Nails

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

I get most of my style inspo from looking at other women and adapting their look to making it mine. Many years ago I got a call from Yasmin Le Bon, the beautiful supermodel who lived in London and is married to Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. She asked if she could pop by my office to say hello. Of course, I said. She walked in, and I'll never forget how she looked. 

She was wearing jeans, white T-shirt, ponytail, and virtually no stitch of makeup except for short, very bright, orange-red nails. 

I know she is a supermodel, but that day she just looked so cool and comfortable and freaking amazing. Her beauty was so striking and clean. I couldn't stop staring and neither could anyone else as I walked her around and introduced her to people. The next day—I am not kidding—about half of my office came in wearing a version of the same outfit and short red nails. Her manicure has been my signature ever since.

I am really lucky that for years I’ve worked with Roza, an amazing manicurist who knows how to make my nails exactly how I like to wear them: short and rounded, with clean, maintained cuticles. Together we’ve sourced a ton of red nail polishes so she can mix a few different polishes to get the effect I wanted. The memory of Yasmin’s nails has stayed with me for so long so when I decided to introduce Jones Road nail polish, an effortless orange-red had to be the first color. And it had to be something simple, but incredibly striking.

The Nail Polish Kit

I started playing around with the colors in Roza’s nail caddy, she helped with the formula and the brush, and the team at Jones Road translated our dreams into something I’m so excited to introduce: The Nail Polish Kit.

Meet Poppy: a red, but an orange-red. It’s bright, clean, and the color I’ve been working to achieve all these years. It’s quickly my new favorite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes yours too. Joining it is Ballerina, a beautiful, sheer pink for moments when you still want elegant nails, but not very bold. Both colors stay on me for more than a week (depending on housework and other to-dos). They also come with a nail file and top-base coat so you can give yourself the shape you want and keep the nails protected. I think this will become your new favorite way to do your nails.

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The Nail Polish Kit

The Nail Polish Kit

Diary / Beauty / Feb 6, 2024

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