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Celebrating The Month Of Love

Written by: Bobbi, sponsored by Tweezerman

Photography by: Ben Ritter

February is the month of love and all things pink. Here are a few of my favorite tools and beauty tips that you can use this month to create effortless looks and celebrate the season of love.

Roses are…Gold

Rose gold is my jewelry metal of choice— my wedding ring is rose gold and I've cherished it for over three decades. That’s why I love that Tweezerman makes both their signature Slant Tweezer and Eyelash Curler in rose gold. Trust me, these tools never looked prettier. Plus, they're a perfect gift for someone special, or to get for yourself. Pro tip: Tweezerman offers an engraving service so you can personalize your own tweezers, or make it an extra-special, customized gift for a loved one.

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Give Your Brows Some Love 

Eyebrows create a frame for your face, so before applying any makeup, start by checking your brows to make sure they are clean and well-groomed. Start with your Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush. Use the spoolie to brush the brows upwards and then carefully use the scissors across the top of the brow to trim any extra-long hairs. Pro tip: this brush and scissor set is great for guys too and it’s so easy to use. After you trim the brows, brush them back into place and go in with your tweezer and remove any stray hairs. From there, fill in the brows with a brow pencil that matches the shade of your hair.  You can do this with the pencil itself, or you can use this Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie to apply it. I love this angled brow brush and spoolie tool because it's like a Swiss army knife—it's so multi-functional. 

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Eyes That Sparkle and Pop

For the ultimate Valentine’s beauty look, add a little sparkle on the eyes. Using your fingers, add Sparkle Wash on the lids for the perfect amount of luminosity. Then, focus on the lashes. Start with The Eyelash Curler to curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. Apply a coat of dark black mascara to add depth and contrast to the eyes. Finally, go in with Folding iLashComb and use it to define and separate the lashes. This tool is especially great to take with you when you're on the go or traveling—it folds up and easily fits into your travel makeup bag.

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A Pop of Pink for Cheeks and Lips

I love pink because it’s a universally flattering color and the signature color of any Valentine’s Day beauty look. On the cheeks, try either The Best Blush in POP, or if you prefer a cream blush, try Lip and Cheek Stick in English Rose. On the lips, finish off with our Cool Gloss in either Peony or Pastel Pink. Whether you’re heading to a romantic dinner or to cocktails with friends, this look will have you party ready for any occasion this month. 

Take It All Off

Always remember to do yourself (and your skin) a favor by removing  your makeup before heading to bed. I use The Cleansing Stick with these Reusable Makeup Remover Pads and it takes less than two minutes to do. These pads are eco-friendly, and you’ll never have to use another disposable cotton round again. Pro Tip: you can also use them to blend your makeup. But the best part of all is that the reusable pads are washable. They come with an eco-friendly bag and after you use them, you just toss the pads in the bag, and throw them in your washing machine. I love a product that is both good for you and the environment. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope these great products, tips, and tools have you ready for fun and lots of love all month long. 

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Diary / Beauty / Feb 8, 2023

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