Diary / Beauty / Apr 24, 2023

Everything You Need for Your Eyes, in Partnership with Tweezerman


Photography by: Ben Ritter

It’s all about the eyes and brows, which is why I’m excited to partner with our friends at Tweezerman to launch two simple-to-use Kits that will redefine your lash and brow routines.

Jones Road Beauty model

First up, The Brow Kit. I’m a firm believer that the shape of the brows you have is already the right shape for you, but sometimes, it just takes a little cleaning up to get the definition and dimension you want. (I like to tweeze right out of the shower when the heat has opened up your pores and the hairs are easier to remove.) The Brow Kit contains two products to perfect your brows: the highly precise Tweezerman Pretty in Pink Slant Tweezer, and Jones Road’s Brow Pencil, available in five shades, Blonde, Ash, Light Brunette, Brunette, and Dark Brunette. 

Remember to go slow and stay patient when tweezing so you don’t take too much off. Use a brow spoolie to brush up so you can identify where you want to target, and areas you want to avoid, removing stray brow hairs, and repeat as needed. Once you’ve gotten your perfect shape, gently fill in sparse areas or elongate the shape with the pencil in your preferred color. 

Jones Road Beauty model

The Lash Kit has everything you need to get a defined, curled lash that makes your eyes come alive. Choose from one of two Eyelash Curlers from Tweezerman—the Curl 60° for round-shaped eyes, and Curl 38° for almond-shaped or deep-set eyes—and Jones Road’s Mascara, our black, ultra-pigmented mascara that separates, lifts, and volumizes lashes in one swipe. 

Always curl your lashes before putting on mascara. Otherwise, the curler can catch on the lashes and unintentionally remove some. Center the curler at the base of your lash and gently squeeze for a few seconds; for a more defined curl, move the curler up the lashes and continue to gently clamp down. Then comes the mascara—use a little to keep it natural, or layer to go bold. It really makes all the difference. 

I hope you love these Kits, and that they help simplify your brow and lash routines. 

Diary / Beauty / Apr 24, 2023

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