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Everything You Need to Know About Shimmer Face Oil

Written by: Bobbi

Meet Shimmer Face Oil, the newest member of the Jones Road family that is all about waking up your complexion. It moisturizes while adding radiance, luminosity, and dimension to the skin. Lightweight and silky with a glass-like finish, it’s the ultimate makeup-skin care hybrid thanks to a blend of nine nourishing oils and light-reflecting shimmer. Today, I’m taking the time to answer all of your questions about your soon to be new favorite Jones Road product.

How (and where) do I apply it?

You can apply Shimmer Face Oil to your fingertips (no need to warm it up prior or break any seals!) and pat onto your face (avoid eyes and lips) and body anywhere you want luminosity. Use your fingers or a brush (like the Skin Brush) to blend. You can use it after you apply your skin care, in place of skin care or over your makeup for added glow—it’s really that versatile and totally up to you when it comes to how you use it.

Can I wear it with Miracle Balm?

Yes! If you’re looking for extra luminosity, you can apply Shimmer Face Oil on top of Miracle Balm. I like to combine the two on the cheeks or as a highlighter high on the cheekbones.

If you have very dry skin, we recommend using the Miracle Balm and applying a smaller amount of Shimmer Face Oil on top. For those with a more oily complexion, we recommend using the Shimmer Face Oil on its own for spot usage since it is lighter and more breathable. Keep in mind, you only need a little Shimmer Face Oil if you’re already wearing Miracle Balm!

How is it different from Miracle Balm?

Shimmer Face Oil is much lighter in texture with more luminosity than the Miracle Balm. Think of Miracle Balm as a skin tint and Shimmer Face Oil as your highlighter. You can wear Miracle Balm on lips, eyes, face, and body, while also using it to tame flyaways. Shimmer Face Oil can be used on cheeks as a highlight and on the body (think arms, legs, and collarbone) for all-over glow.

How is it different from The Oil Stick?

The Oil Stick is a solid facial oil with no color or shimmer that is all about adding hydration to the skin. Shimmer Face Oil is a liquid product that has a shimmer and subtle color.

Do I put it on before or after Face Pencils?

You can do both. I love using Shimmer Face Oil under Face Pencils to create a luminous base for your makeup. (Only use a small amount blended as a base!) Apply it on top of Face Pencils or foundation if you are looking for more luminosity and subtle tint. Depending on the shade, Shimmer Face Oil can work as a blush, highlighter, or a bronzer. If you’re looking to be out the door in 30 seconds and can only grab one product, this is it.

Does it work across skin types?

Shimmer Face Oil is an oil-based product made with a blend of nine natural oils: Jojoba, Coconut, Sunflower, Avocado, Camelia, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Kukui Nut, and Black Raspberry Oil. Those with dry skin will love the moisturizing benefits provided by these oils. Those with oily or acne-prone skin should use sparingly. We don't recommend Shimmer Face Oil for those with highly reactive or sensitive skin.

What are the differences between the shades?

Cool Rose, a cool rosy pink with a fine monochromatic shimmer, is the most versatile shade and the one I wear the most. (If you like Dusty Rose, you’ll love this.) Apply it before foundation on days when I need a little extra lift. It’s also great for giving your skin an afternoon pick-me-up.

Pink Opal, a light pink with fine opalescent shimmer, is a great option for light to medium skin tones.

Midas, a medium gold with fine monochromatic shimmer, is another great universal shade. I love using this one on the body (legs, arms, collarbone) or layered on the skin with Cool Rose.

Bronze is going to be best on medium to dark skin tones. It’s a medium bronze with fine gold and silver shimmer. If you like Miracle Balm in Disco, this has a similar vibe. On lighter skin tones, it could work as a liquid bronzer (used sparingly) or try mixing it with your face cream first to dilute it.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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