Diary / Beauty / Dec 13, 2022

How to: Bobbi’s Easy Jones Road Smokey Eye

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

This smokey eye technique allows you to look like you’ve beautifully layered and blended different shades of black, brown, or navy (whatever color you decide on) while only using one product, The Best Pencil from Jones Road. The formula is really dense, so it will stay put, but it is also emollient enough that you can blend it with your fingers, which is why I love using it to create a beautiful, easy smokey eye. Basically, you can’t make a mistake. Here’s how to get Deja’s look:

Step 1: The first thing I did was line her eyes, fairly thick and strong. I was going to keep it as is, but instead I decided I wanted to add dimension to her lids.

Step 2: After applying the liner, I took my finger and gently softened it and smudged it, and just brought it up on her lid. We used the Best Pencil in Navy, which when smudged turns into a charcoal tone, and I just kept adding more and smudging it. (If you have dry lids, add just a touch of Eye Cream, but only a bit of it. Be careful if you have too much moisture under your eyes because then the look will definitely smear.)

Step 3: Then I went back and I used the pencil to double line and make a thicker line close to the lashes, and I like to pull out the eyelid to extend the line a bit. Not quite a cat eye, but just to elongate the eye shape.

Always make sure you blend it as you go. As a makeup artist, I tend to use my hands to get the exact texture I want. I also take my finger or a brush and use the pencil on my hand to layer and apply more. You can either use this technique on the whole lid and just do a soft shadow.

Sometimes it’s tricky to use a pencil which has wax or oils in it with a matte shadow. As a makeup artist, it’s a challenge to get it to look really smooth if you keep changing the look and you have a lot of different textures, but this pencil almost looks like it’s a powder eyeshadow that you’ve put on. Just being able to blend it with your finger makes a big difference. The great thing is that you can add more, you can take some away, and then the finished look is a nice gradient of navy and charcoal.

Step 4: Be sure to fill in the brows and add mascara to have a complete look. Deja is also wearing Miracle Balm in Tawny on her lips and cheeks.

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Diary / Beauty / Dec 13, 2022

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