Diary / Beauty / Apr 16, 2024

Introducing: I Am Me

Written by: Jones Road Beauty

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Jones Road Beauty is proud to introduce the I Am Me campaign. I Am Me encourages focusing on what you like about yourself, and embracing what makes you unique. It promotes freeing yourself from impossible standards and encourages a kinder shift in the narrative for how we speak to ourselves. 

I Am Me highlights women from all backgrounds, sharing their individual journeys in finding confidence and true happiness in their lives and in their beauty. See Jin Cruce, Saje Nicole, and Lynn's message on I Am Me. Jones Road is on a mission to help women feel confident in their natural beauty by letting go of what drives you crazy and knowing your uniqueness is your power.

“‘I Am Me’ is a constant reminder to myself and for others to own who you are and be proud of it. It’s about being comfortable in your skin and loving what makes you special and unique. Embrace every freckle, every fine line, and every scar… wear it all proudly and know that it makes you, you.” Xx Bobbi

 To support the The I Am Me campaign, Jones Road Beauty is introducing a couple exciting new products - all intended to help you own your look and feel empowered. 

Our newest kit, The I Am Me Kit, includes five confidence boosting products to help you feel your best.

The I Am Me Kit is true confidence in a bag. All of the products have universally flattering shades and buildable pigment to play up whichever features you love - your brows, lips or cheeks. Apply your I Am Me Kit however you please to look and feel your best.

We're also launching a brand new shade of The Brow Pencil in Grey. Grey is a cool grey brown, designed to help those with grey hair embrace and own their look. The Brow Pencil in Grey is now a part of the permanent collection of The Brow Pencil shades. Purchase it exclusive in The I Am Me Kit, or as a standalone product. 

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The I Am Me Kit The I Am Me Kit

The I Am Me Kit

Diary / Beauty / Apr 16, 2024

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