Diary / Beauty / May 16, 2023

Mollye's Browns And Bronze

Mollye showing how she gets her Browns & Bronze look with Jones Road Beauty

About the Look

This look is our take on a classic bronzed look. Focusing on flawless skin and defined eyes, it's simple, yet timeless.

What you'll need (4 products)

  • Tinted Face Powder
  • The Bronzer
  • The Brow Pencil
  • The Best Pencil

#1: Bronzed Skin

After applying your foundation, use Tinted Face Powder to set your complexion products, color correct where needed, and minimize shine. Next, apply The Bronzer to places where the sun naturally touches the face—like the forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose. Also works perfectly on the neck to seamlessly blend the face to the body.

  • Tinted Face Powder

    Tinted Face Powder


  • The Bronzer

    The Bronzer


#2: Define The Eyes

Use the tip of The Brow Pencil in light upward strokes for precise definition or to fill in and thicken where needed. Finishing off the look, use The Best Pencil to define the eye. Follow the base of the lashes, as close to the lashline as you can, working your way towards your nose.

  • Jones Road clean eyebrow pencil in light brunette

    The Brow Pencil

    Light Brunette

  • The Best Pencil

    The Best Pencil


Diary / Beauty / May 16, 2023