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8 Natural Makeup Looks Perfect for a Wedding

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

A woman wearing Jones Road Beauty

Whether you’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or the bride herself, weddings are an excuse to celebrate and get all dressed up for the occasion. But even then, you may be looking for a natural makeup look, a simple but elegant approach to keep you looking like yourself. (Think: flawless skin, bright eyes, and rosy lips to start.) Let’s go through a few ideas to inspire your natural wedding makeup.

First, It’s All About Your Skin

This isn’t news for brides, but taking care of your complexion ahead of the wedding has never been more important. Not only will this be one of the most photographed days of your life, but for anyone who is embracing a natural makeup look, a healthy, moisturized base is key. Nourished skin provides a smooth palette for any products you want to apply, no matter how minimal. 

Stick to What Already Works, Everyday

Consistency is crucial for maintaining a moisturized, healthy complexion. The best products won’t be nearly as effective if you don’t ever use them, of course; plus, you don’t want to worry about any skin issues that may crop up from abandoning your routines. But even if you don’t have the steps in place to support your healthiest skin, let’s go through some basics.

Light Moisture Cream

You should be moisturizing every day, ideally once in the morning before you apply makeup and in the evening before bed. Our Light Moisture Cream is buildable and easily absorbed into the skin; this is great for all skin types and can also work as a priming moisturizer, too.

Miracle Cream

Miracle Cream is our heavy-hitting moisturizer that offers intense nourishment for dry skin types. If a dry, flaky complexion is a recurring issue, leaving you with tight skin and cakey makeup, this can also be used as an overnight mask to replenish your hydration.

Eye Cream

A natural makeup look relies on bright, awake eyes (even if you choose to draw focus elsewhere, like toward your lips or cheeks), so it’s key to ensure the delicate area under your eyes stays sufficiently hydrated and smooth. Enter our Eye Cream: it’s light enough to sit easily under your concealer of choice—like The Face Pencil—but substantial enough to provide instant nourishment.

Don’t Make Any Radical Changes

When you want your skin to appear its absolute best, it can be tempting to overhaul your existing routines with completely new products or additional steps. If you have specific skin issues that you want to remedy, it’s a good idea to consult with a dermatologist as soon as possible, but six months out, don’t try anything new, Cheyenne Pellicoro, senior manager of global creative and retail operations at Jones Road, says. If you already have products and routines in place that you know make your complexion look its healthiest, then keep doing what you’re doing, but she also recommends getting a facial once a month to make your skin look its absolute best.  

Now, for the Makeup

As we’ve said (above and in many other places), a moisturized, well-nourished complexion is a must for a natural, flawless look. Once you have that down, choosing your makeup for the upcoming wedding depends on what makes you feel most confident. Do you like to play with color? Then highlighting the cheeks and lips might be the way to go. Is a smokey eye your trademark? Then keep focusing on the eyes.

Also, since you have a busy day ahead of you, consider what will also make you feel most comfortable. If you never wear eye makeup, then a smokey eye may be distracting—and you may feel like you’re preoccupied with touching up your eyeliner (even if it’s a very subtle smokey eye). 

We have plenty of suggestions for easy, natural looks that will compliment your features and don’t require much fuss at all. But for more guidance, schedule an in-store trial with one of our makeup artists; book in advance by emailing the Montclair, Greenwich Village, or East Hampton locations. 

Your Base Layer

If you’re wanting a natural makeup wedding look, then chances are, you don’t wear much product everyday. If that’s the case, you might feel daunted by selecting the right “base” products—meaning, foundation and concealer, products that even out skin tone and minimize discoloration. Fortunately, selecting the right products for your skin tone is no cause for stress. Get started with our quick and easy quizzes to help you find the perfect shades for What The Foundation, The Face Pencil (our take on concealer), and, to tie it all up, Tinted Face Powder.

Make Your Own Touch-Up Kit

While a natural makeup look won’t require much maintenance throughout the day—you have much better things to focus on—you will probably want to keep a few items on hand to make any necessary touch-ups, particularly since you will be photographed.

First, cotton swabs are necessary in case of any mishaps when you’re applying (or reapplying) any product. Let mistakes dry first, then gently turn a dry cotton swab to grab the extra or misplaced product; if it’s wet, the swab can smudge or drag the error.

If you’re in a hot or humid climate, or if you’ve cried or blown your nose, then it’s inevitable you’ll want to check up on, and touch up, your makeup. In those cases, you’ll be glad that you’ve brought along The Mascara, The Face Pencil, and Tinted Face Powder. 

A multi-use product like our Lip and Cheek Stick won’t take up extra space in your kit and will brighten you up as the day goes on.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite looks—they require minimal fuss and already work with your natural features and well-nourished skin. Below, a range of beautiful yet simple ideas to inspire you.

Pretty in Pink

A woman holding Shimmer Face Oil by Jones Road

For this natural, pink makeup look, flawless, fair skin and auburn hair are beautifully complemented by subtle highlighting. The focus is on the lips and cheeks, while soft hues lend a silky dimension to the eyes.

Mariella is wearing:

Lovely and Lit-From-Within

A Jones Road model

When your skin is as healthy and naturally vibrant as this, you don’t need much else to let your features shine. A lightly filled-in brow plus a glowy, moisturized complexion (note that she’s not wearing any What The Foundation to keep her coverage light) achieve an ultra-natural but completely luminous look. 

Leena is wearing:

Sophisticated and Shimmery

A woman holding Sparkle Wash by Jones Road Beauty

A little luster on the eyes and a slight shine on the lips complement flawless skin and a bright smile. This look is all about perfecting your complexion, embracing your natural glow, and illuminating it with a subtle swipe of sparkle and gloss.

Abuk is wearing:

Effortless Eyes 

A woman applying The Mascara by Jones Road

A low-key smokey eye gives this natural bridal look emotion and dimension. Sheer coverage and a groomed brow balance out the subtle smolder for a soft, timeless appearance. 

Arnelle is wearing:

Rosy and Radiant

A woman holding The Best Blush by Jones Road

A red lip-pink cheeks combination is a foolproof approach for anyone—bride, guest, or bridesmaid—wanting a natural makeup look. It’s as dramatic (or low-key) as you want to make it. While a pigmented lip can sometimes require touch-ups and frequent check-ins at the mirror, this is a completely low-maintenance approach to an utterly feminine look. 

Gillean is wearing:

Blonde and Bronzed

A Jones Road model

This natural look is all about adding warmth and a bit of definition, an easy choice for blondes who fear looking washed out. Lightly lined eyes with a corresponding shimmer create a ladylike and laidback appearance, while a layer of gloss lends a subtle embellishment to the lips, keeping the focus on a warmed-up complexion and eyes.

Patricia is wearing:

Easygoing and Feminine

A Jones Road model

Even if you don’t wear much pink in your day-to-day life, adding this versatile, feminine hue to your makeup palette for the wedding will reliably keep your look refined yet soft by working with your natural hues. Pink can go fanciful or flirtatious without looking young, no matter your skin tone. 

Tal is wearing:

Don't Skimp on the Glow

A Jones Road model

Shimmery eyes, warmed-up cheeks, and rosy lips are further proof that pink is an easy, incredibly versatile addition to your natural wedding look. But here, it’s all about embracing the embellishment. It’s evident that her skin is nourished and made all the more healthy-looking with just the right amount of shine, never overpowering her natural tone or features.

Haejin is wearing:

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