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Powder, Reinvented: Introducing Tinted Face Powder

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Jones Road Beauty Tinted Face Powder

As a makeup artist, I’ve always known the power of face powder. I’ve used it on set for editorial shoots, when doing a client’s red carpet look, and especially during my time working in men’s grooming. It’s always been one of my most reached-for products to enhance the skin, reduce shine, and help keep makeup on longer.

During one particularly memorable London Fashion Week, I was hired to do makeup for L’Wren Scott’s fashion show. Her then boyfriend, Mick Jagger, hung out backstage while we brainstormed looks for the show. The creative direction was a mix between a colorful, graphic Hilma af Klint painting and a modern day soft skin beauty. I used multiple powders, layering colors and textures on the models, and I still remember how excited the creative team got when they saw how the powders were able to completely transform their skin. 

Throughout my career, I personally outgrew using traditional face powders on my dry skin. I don’t like the way they can look cakey and sit on top of your skin, making you look parched and eliminating your natural glow. I’m always craving a more natural finish that doesn’t make you look like you are wearing powder. And I am always looking to create the perfect products that make you look like you, only better. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Jones Road’s Tinted Face Powder.

Our Tinted Face Powder is powder, reinvented. The ultra-lightweight formula allows you to reduce shine while still keeping your face looking and feeling hydrated. They blend seamlessly into the skin and set your makeup without sitting on top of your skin. 

Jones Road Beauty model

Traditional translucent powders often leave a grayish cast on the skin and bury your natural glow. When developing the shades for the Tinted Face Powders, I looked for hues that would work on a wide spectrum of skin tones. Our Tinted Face Powder comes in eight distinct and versatile shades, to both enhance and color correct the skin. (Take our quiz to find your ideal shade.)

Shade Breakdown:
Untinted: for pale to light skin tones
Yellow: for light to medium/tan skin tones
Pink: for light to medium skin tones
Rose: for medium to tan skin tones
Light: for pale to light/medium skin tones
Medium: for medium to tan skin tones and for dark/deep skin tones under the eye 
Dark: for dark skin tones
Deep: for deep skin tones

Jones Road Beauty Tinted Face Powder

I like to apply Tinted Face Powder with our new Face Powder Brush—a round, fluffy brush created specifically for this powder. For a more targeted application, roll the bristles into the compact and lightly dip it into the powder. Tap the brush against your hand or a table to remove excess product, and evenly apply to areas you feel you need to set your complexion—typically your forehead or nose. You can also apply to other areas of your face to mute oil and shine or to color correct.

I love using Tinted Face Powder with my other Jones Road products. The powder is virtually undetectable and blends seamlessly into your skin, enhancing other Jones Road products without overpowering them. I use the Tinted Face Powders after applying my base complexion products—The Face Pencil and What The Foundation—to set my makeup. These powders are so finely milled that they can work well on top of Face Pencils used under your eyes, or on top of your traditional concealer. On the days where I want to add an all-over glow, I apply Miracle Balm across my face and then use the Tinted Face Powders in specific areas to color correct. 

Whether you use Tinted Face Powder to help your makeup last longer, take down oil and shine, or color correct, I'm confident you're going to love our fresh, modern take on this traditional staple product.  

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Diary / Beauty / May 16, 2023

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