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8 Simple Makeup Looks With Minimal Effort

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

a woman holding what the foundation by jones road

Revealing your beauty through simple, natural makeup looks is a skill everyone can achieve. Looking for a routine that delivers the impact without the effort? It all comes down to your products and step-by-step techniques. (Don’t worry—they’re no-fuss and easy to master.)

Straightforward and uncomplicated yet stunning is what this article is all about. Read on for our tips, tricks, and inspirations for your next natural makeup look.

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1. Rosy and bronzed

This look draws out your innate warmth and enhances your glow with a few simple products.

First, a defined brow is easy enough to do every day, and it provides a just-right amount of polish, even if the rest of your look is utterly low-maintenance. The Brow Pencil offers fullness where you want it and extends with a precise line; plus, it’s waterproof so your application will stay put throughout the day.

For this look, focus on keeping your coverage minimal and applying an all-over warmth with a trio of potent products: bronzer, blush, and Miracle Balm. 

First, lightly dust The Bronzer across areas that would naturally be touched by the sun: your forehead, cheeks, and nose. 

Then focus on adding color to the apples of your cheeks with The Best Blush

(Pro tip: Applying bronzer first gives definition that blush will liven up further. But if you use blush first and then bronzer, you may notice your complexion looks ruddy and blotchy.)

Lastly, Miracle Balm adds an all-over glow, tying together the bronzer and blush for a youthful, healthy-looking radiance. Use your fingers—it doesn’t have to be precise—to gently extend the warmth. 

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A woman using The Face Pencil by Jones Road

2. Barely-there makeup

Front and center of this look is a lightly touched-up complexion. The results are a no-makeup makeup look, the epitome of simple elegance. Think: less is more.

Starting with a solid skincare routine is crucial. Begin by cleansing your skin, then applying a moisturizer that complements your skin type, ensuring your skin is hydrated and primed for makeup application. This sets the stage for looking your most fresh-faced.

Start by blending out areas of uneven tone or camouflaging redness with foundation. It can be tempting to apply more product if you have those concerns, but go slow and use a light hand. Our What The Foundation offers buildable, light-to-medium coverage and a nourishing layer of moisture that makes you look lit-from-within.

Next, if you have any lingering redness, unevenness, under-eye circles, etc. you’d like to neutralize more, use The Face Pencil to dot on extra coverage.

A quick swipe of The Brow Gel perfects your natural shape and fullness, and a light wash of The Bronzer adds back any warmth.

Lastly, finish with a neutral lip. We recommend a layer of Cool Gloss in Original for easy, understated shine.

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3. Easy on the eyes and lips

Now this is how you wear eyeliner during the day: not too thin, not too thick—a medium amount that balances the focal point with the eyes and lips.

You’ve probably heard that, when it comes to your makeup look, you should pick the eyes or the lips to play, not both. But in this case, you’re giving equal attention to both, but in a way that preserves the natural shape and coloring of both so neither overpowers the other. 

Use your coverage products to even out your tone or tend to any discoloration, and warm up the cheeks with a light wash of blush. 

To give the lips their due, top with Cool Gloss in Rosy, a flattering-on-everyone fuchsia. (This is the epitome of your lips but better.)

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4. Freckles-forward

If you have freckles, then hands off—keep your coverage super bare and let this feature shine through.

Use What The Foundation and The Face Pencil to simply spot conceal hyperpigmentation or even out signs of sensitivity. (Not sure which hues are best for you? Take our WTF quiz and answer a few questions to find your ideal color-correcting Face Pencils.)

A delicate application of The Best Pencil in Black, a universally flattering color, on the lids ensures your eyes are adequately defined and stand out against your natural palette.

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5. The Natural Glow Look

This look deepens your innate glow with warmth and shine. It mimics a sun-kissed appearance, fresh from the beach. 

After covering up any signs of redness—no foundation necessary—dust The Bronzer on your cheekbones and forehead, lightly though, to subtly define your natural structure. (We’re going to be adding in more color and glow in a moment so use a gentle hand here.) 

Miracle Balm will be used to add visible moisture and a light tint, and then the Lip and Cheek Stick will add targeted, creamy color to the apples of your cheeks. A sweep of Cool Gloss in Pink Gold Shimmer delivers high shine in a versatile pink—no matter your skin tone—to the lips.

To balance the polish you’ve added, dial down your eyes with a neutral pencil and shadow. This grounds the brightness so the warmth can truly pop.

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6. Low-key smokey

A smokey eye may sound complicated, especially for those who won’t tend to wear much eye makeup regularly, but it’s actually quite easy.

This toned-down version relies on neutrals and shimmers for a “natural but better” look with plenty of dimension. 

The beauty of a smokey eye is in its playful informality; it doesn’t need to be polished or sleek. To balance out the blended layers of pigment, groom your brows—all you need are some light strokes of The Brow Gel. 

Choose a pencil, base color, and shimmer, and apply in that order. You don’t have to be precise in your application; feel free to smudge the eyeliner pencil with your fingers and layer on the base and shimmer using your hands, too.

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7. Simply shimmery

Don’t save your shimmer for the evenings—it works for the day, too. The key is to ensure it’s not too heavy, so you’re not overpowering the rest of your look, and to keep it only on the eyes.

Flushed cheeks and a lightly corrected complexion offer a natural-looking glow that looks even healthier when paired with an eye that dazzles.

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8. The Flawless Brow Look

A natural yet defined eyebrow look can frame your face and enhance your features, and it’s incredibly easy to achieve.

Start by combing your brows upward using a spoolie, like one half of our Eyebrow Brush. This not only tames the brows but also helps identify any sparse areas. 

Next, use The Brow Pencil to fill in these gaps with light, precise strokes. 

A rosy cheek and shiny lip round out this simply yet impactful look. 

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The Bottom Line

The beauty of simple makeup looks is that they can be easily personalized to highlight your unique features and suit your style. Experimenting with different products, shades, and techniques will allow you to find what works best for your skin type and complexion.

Jones Road’s range of products is designed to be straightforward and efficient, fitting perfectly into any routine, whether you're a makeup beginner or a seasoned pro.

In the end, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Makeup should be a tool for self-expression, not a mask to hide behind. So take these tips, play around with them, and create simple makeup looks that feel uniquely you.

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