Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

The Cutting Edge Beauty Treatments to Try Now

Written by: Sara Bliss

Photography by: Henry Leutwyler and Jon Paterson

In the past decade, the beauty world has radically changed. The route to looking amazing at any age no longer involves a trip to the surgeon (with possibly totally unnatural results). Instead, dermatologists have an arsenal of cutting edge non-invasive treatments to reveal gorgeous and glowing skin.

Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades is known for her pioneering approach to skincare and lasers. Her understated approach has made her go-to for beauty insiders trying to avoid an unnatural look. We checked in with Dr. Macrene to get the scoop on the latest beauty breakthroughs.

As a dermatologist, I know you believe in the concept of beauty from the inside out. What foods do you recommend for gorgeous skin?

The most important thing is diet. I eat the Greek Mediterranean diet—lots of delicious vegetables, fruits, and fish. It provides skin with healthy raw materials such as amino acids and proteins that help build the skin. It is also a diet rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which are essential for beautiful skin. You want to consume all these healthy ingredients internally, but also apply these ingredients externally which is why I have provided them in my 37 Actives products.

What are the newest beauty treatments you are most excited about and why?

I love the newest technologies like focused radiofrequency that tightens skin in faster and fewer treatments. I am excited about new fillers that I am working on in trials that promise improved outcomes and possibly longer durations. One that is approved in Europe that I have worked with is Volite. It allows me to treat fine lines more effectively than prior fillers. I also like Jeuveau or Newtox that is a lower-priced alternative to Botox.

What treatments work best for aging skin?

Microneedle radio frequency and focused Tripolar radio frequency. These two innovations allow the dermatologic surgeon to target specific layers in the skin to build collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid—the three key components of healthy skin.

What technology/treatments work best for the neck?

Hands-down, the best treatment for the neck is the Profound. This is a device I helped pioneer over a decade ago and it has taken first place in treating laxity of the jawline and neck.

What technology treatments work best for redness and sunspots?

The best treatment for redness is the Excel V and the V beam. These two devices are the best for vascular treatment and calming redness.

What daily steps do you recommend for taking care of skin?

I recommend a realistic yet reproducible skin regimen on a daily basis. Much like brushing your teeth several times a day, I recommend waking up in the morning, taking a shower and splashing lukewarm water on the face. Pat dry and apply your moisturizer serum and/or neck treatment. If you are going out in the sun, then the application of sunscreen 15 minutes before you are exposed. Otherwise, if you do use makeup, my recommendation is to use a hybrid product such as mine that delivers active ingredients. In the evening, repeat the application of your moisturizer serum and neck and décolletage lotion.

What's next in beauty?

My goal is to make procedures obsolete using active ingredients. I believe the future of beauty will be products you can apply at home that can transform the skin.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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