Diary / Get-the-look / Jun 11, 2021

Adelina’s Soft Focus Sparkle

#1: Even Out And Correct

Apply Miracle Balm in Au Naturel all over face. Apply The Face Pencils to even out skin tone and correct any darkness under the eyes.

  • Miracle Balm

    Miracle Balm

    Au Naturel

  • The Face Pencil by Jones Road Beauty in Shade 1

    The Face Pencil

    Shade 01

#2: Subtle Shine

Fill in brows using The Brow Pencil in Blonde. Swipe Sparkle Wash in Midas on lids. 

  • Jones Road clean eyebrow pencil in blonde

    The Brow Pencil


  • Sparkle Wash

    Sparkle Wash


#3: Define

Line the upper lash line using The Best Pencil in Black. Using a wet brush, layer The Best Eyeshadow in BCITW on top of The Best Pencil for added depth.

  • The Best Pencil

    The Best Pencil


  • The Best Eyeshadow

    The Best Eyeshadow

    BCITW (Matte)

#4: Add Volume

Apply two coats of The Mascara for definition and volume. Smooth Cool Gloss in Pastel Pink on lips.

  • Jones Road clean mascara tube

    The Mascara

    Pitch Black

  • Cool Gloss

    Cool Gloss

    Pastel Pink

Diary / Get-the-look / Jun 11, 2021