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Lessons in Cool: Jenna Lyons

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

Welcome to Lessons In Cool, a new series all about the people we’re constantly inspired by. They are tastemakers, curators of style, thought leaders, and well, just cool.

Jenna Lyons is the ultimate cool girl. There. We said it. She spent 26 years at J.Crew, where she changed the way we get dressed, and now is on to her next venture: LoveSeen, a collection of fake eyelashes that work for everyday and big nights out. She was inspired to start the brand after struggling to find falsies that worked for her. (Jenna doesn’t have any eyelashes, hence her obsession with them.) For events, her makeup artist, Troi Olivierre, would make her custom sets by cutting and pulling apart existing lashes. It didn’t take her long to realize she might not be the only person struggling to find the perfect set and LoveSeen was born. We caught up with the co-founder and style maven to hear more about her love for lashes, her beauty routine, and how she defines cool.

Name & occupation:

Jenna Lyons, Co-founder of Loveseen

Biggest challenge?

Creating culture and connectivity in a Zoom world. It's one thing to have a team and a culture that is established and clear. But starting a company and culture in a zoom world has proven very challenging. I am deeply grateful to everyone who is a part of this little company.

A woman you’re inspired by + why:

I think Emma Grede is a powerhouse. I am so incredibly excited for all her success and really have loved seeing her star rise. Also Whitney wolf Herd—another exciting success story. Samantha Power—I would like to be her when I grow up. This list could go on and on…

Last person you texted:

Jessica Romm from The Expert.

Most scrolled app or site:

1stDibs, Pop Up Home, Target (looking at our lash reviews!!!), Bas Stone (I am obsessed with marble), and Instagram— yes, I know, it should be #1.

What’s your personal beauty philosophy?

I love looking dewy. I am not a huge fan of powder. I will use it for a photo, but in real life, I avoid it.

What’s your beauty routine?

Biologique Recherche P50, NOTO Botanics face scrub, Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Retrouvé Revitalizing Eye Concentrate, and then Augustinus Bader The Serum.

Then I mix Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection with Joanna Czech Soothing Serum—it makes my skin look more even and still dewy. Jones Road Miracle Balm in Magic Hour gives me a warm glow, slightly sun kissed without the dry look of a powder.

A little color on my lids—varies literally every day���but some sort of pinky shade like Antique Rose, followed by the Byredo Colour Stick in Ancient. Eyeliner needs to be liquid so it sticks (but brown preferably), my favorite is Byredo. Then a Loveseen Featherlift Eyelash. My current favorites are LUNA, ISSA, CODY and QUIN. Luna and Issa for light makeup looks and Cody and Quin for more drama. For night time, I slather La Mer all over.

Have you always been a pro at applying fake lashes? Any advice for a newbie?

NOT AT ALL. It really took me a few tries to get it right, but two things really helped.

  1. The Lash Tool. We engineered this tool to function similarly to a tweezer, but hold the lash in a curled position as if it was a lash curler. The tool allows you to come in directly towards your eye while still being able to see in the mirror on both sides. It's a game changer.

  2. Let the glue get tacky!!! I was going in too soon. The lash won't stick if the glue is too wet—it will slide all over and make a mess. Be patient.

Your fashion/style icon?

Sade and Lauren Hutton.

Your go-to…

Breakfast: The biggest iced coffee i can get my hands on

Lunch: Soup

Dinner: Ice cream

Cocktail: INNA shrub / Ghia Shrub with seltzer and lemon

Advice you’d give your younger self:

Being different is your superpower—don't try to fit in.

What does “cool” mean to you?

Not trying to be cool. Effortless. An ease.

Diary / Interviews / Sep 26, 2022

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