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15 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Written by: Dr. Amy Shah

The flights, the late nights (and early mornings), the new foods, the midday glass of wine — going on vacation has a tendency to throw us off our regular wellness program. We asked Dr. Amy Shah to share her tips for staying healthy and taking care of your body while traveling to a new place. Follow her advice and not only will you enjoy your trip even more, you’ll come back feeling better than ever!


1. Enteric Coated Peppermint Pills

These are great for when you’re traveling and have an upset stomach and for an “irritated bowel” after or during a GI bug. Take one before every meal until you feel better. The reason I like enteric coated over regular peppermint oil is that regular peppermint oil canworsen acid reflux if you have it.

2. Psyllium Fiber

Most people have trouble pooping the first few days after travel. Take a tiny amount (especially if you are not used to it) after your morning cup of coffee with tons of water — it will do the trick!

3. Probiotics

Often when we travel we kill all the good bacteria in our system with stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration all playing a role. You want good bacteria counteracting this, so try to eat fermented foods locally (if you can find them) and take a probiotic. The EVOLUTION_18 Probiotic is so easy to travel with and tastes delicious.

4. EVOLUTION_18 Relaxing Vanilla

This collagen and antioxidant-packed powder works to repair that gut while you sleep.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar

So many people I know travel with a mini apple cider vinegar to add to warm water in the AM. Take it before your first meal to get insulin and provide hormone balancing benefits.

6. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have high levels of selenium which provides thyroid support. Keep these on hand for a quick snack.

7. EVOLUTION_18 Afternoon Chocolate

This protein powder is an easy way to balance your blood sugar and prevent hormone fluctuations thanks to the combination of grass fed whey protein, coconut MTCs and a rich combination of vitamins and minerals

8. Chewing Gum

Gum is a great way to end meals or to help you with sea or motion sickness. Just pick one without all the bad sweeteners that will give you GI trouble, like Spry.

9. Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate

Look for at least 70% dark chocolate that has less than 10 grams of sugar, like the bars from Hu Kitchen. Dark chocolate is actually a medicinal food in my book for it's hormone balancing and antioxidant benefits!

10. Vitamin D

Even conservative estimates of modern medicine say that about 45% of people are deficient in vitamin D! Add in the fact that most of us do not get enough sun and as we age, we do not efficiently make vitamin D.(Let's just say over 90% of the people I test are low.) I recommend starting with 1000 IU, but most people need more once they get tested.


11. Intermittent Fasting

Recharge your gut and keep your metabolism in check by leaving 12-14 hours between your evening meal and your first meal the next day. Try to do this three times a week when on vacation and when you get back home.

12. Drink Water

Aim to drink at least 100 ounces (that’s about a gallon!) of water per day.

13. Practice Mindfulness

Make time for mindfulness, even when you’re traveling. Try to set aside time twice a day to reset and relax.

14. Exercise

If you don’t have access to a gym while traveling, pack exercise bands or pick up a small set of weights and create a routine you can do in the hotel room.

15. Melatonin

Most people take too much melatonin when they are trying to reset their sleep cycle while traveling. Melatonin is a hormone and you don’t want excess amounts. I recommend taking 1-1.5 mg of melatonin one hour before bed in a new time zone. It will reset your sleep without giving you a “hangover.”

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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