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Bobbi Brown's Tips for Looking Good on Zoom

Written by: Bobbi

A lot of people have been asking me people about what they can do before they jump on a Zoom call to look their best, so I recently shared some of my tips with my friend Katie Couric.

Face Oil

A little bit of face oil is a gamechanger. I’ve found that apricot oil hydrates your skin better than any other oil. I found this brand at Whole Foods and use it on my skin and on my hair to tame frizz.

EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Gummy

This is my secret weapon when it comes to keeping my hair and nails looking their best. These gummies are packed with biotin to help thicken hair and strenghten nails. Bonus: They taste so good.


I really like a good blushy-bronzer to add some color to the cheeks. For pale skin, look for a hint of pink and coral with gold flecks. Medium skin tones should pick a medium brownish pink or brownish coral. Women with dark skin should look for a bronzer that is dark brown with blue or red undertones, or golden tones if their skin needs warmth.

Hair Powder

I did dye my own hair the other day using a formula from my hair stylist, but I didn't do a great job. I've been filling it in with Color Wow Hair Powder. You can brush it on your part or any other areas to cover the greys.

EVOLUTION_18 Chill Gummy

And for stress — which will show on your skin! — I'm taking my EVOLUTION_18 Chill Gummy. These are made with broad spectrum CBD (no THC!) and work with your body's systems to promote a sense of calm. To order Chill, email contact@evolution18.com.

A Good Book

You don't need this to look good on Zoom, but I recommend spending some of this newly "free" time reading. I picked up "Nobody Will Tell You This But Me" by Bess Kalb and I can't put it down.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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