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Bobbi’s Guide to the Best White T-Shirts

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

When it comes to getting dressed, I am definitely someone who likes to keep things simple. I am always searching to find the best version of the things in my wardrobe — jeans, sneakers, black pants, t-shirts — I like to be able to open my drawer and know I have a clean option I can throw on or into my bag when I’m packing. I love basics and I love creating a wardrobe.

When I pack, I always pack my t-shirts first. I wear them for the gym, during the day, under sweaters and blazers. I’ll even sleep in a t-shirt. There is nothing I love more than a nice, soft tee. (I’m usually a crew neck girl, but a stylist from Prada once told me to wear v-necks because they would make my torso appear longer.)

For years I’ve based my entire wardrobe around this one J.Crew t-shirt and then they changed it, so I had to start looking for a replacement. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried the designer tees that go from $175 to $225 and the $10 basics. I’ve finally narrowed it down to a few I’m really happy with (for now). Here’s my list of essential t-shirts:

The Basic: Hanes Boys X-Temp Crew

I discovered this one accidentally while shopping on Amazon: Hanes Boys X-Temp Crew. I buy them in a size large and because I have a small frame, they work perfectly on my shoulders. They’re not to baggy, not too tight, and not too narrow. (I’ve found that a lot of tees are either too narrow or too wide for my body type. I’m really also particular about the sleeves and these are cut straight across which is the most flattering. I wear these in black, white, and grey.

I wear the black or grey for a workout when I wear Lululemons. When I’m getting ready for work, I change into another one. I have a dozen on hand. It’s my go-to basic right now.

The Luxe: James Perse

The James Perse tees are a little pricier, but soft and really nice. I have a bunch of different shapes and styles. They do stretch a bit, so I try not to buy them too big and throw them in the dryer.

The Classic Layer: Alex Mill

I’ve recently become a fan of the tees from Alex Mill. They’re pretty classic and a little more sturdy than the James Perse. I’ll wear them with a Chanel jacket and when I take the jacket off, the t-shirt holds its own. I have them in a few colors.

A few other brands with great tees: Organic by John Patrick, 6397, Brandy Melville and Mododoc. I also really miss the Alex Wang! Please bring them back!

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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