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How a Plant-Based Diet Will Leave You Looking and Feeling Amazing All Summer Long

Written by: Nadja Pinnavaia, Ph.D and founder of Plantable

Whether you’re looking forward to showing some extra skin this summer or scrambling to get back on track before sundress season, look no further than plants to assemble your arsenal of beauty boosters. After all, beauty starts from within. The beautifying capacities of fruits of veggies are no secret and your skin, hair, nails and waistline will thank you.

For a radiant complexion, some of your best friends will be oranges, kiwi, fennel, onions and walnuts. Vitamin C-rich oranges and kiwis aid collagen production for a healthy glow. Fennel’s astringent effects boost skin elasticity, and onion’s detoxifying properties will help slow down the aging process. Give your skin cells a strengthening boost with healthy fats like walnuts and avocados.

Strong, lustrous hair is a sign of good health from the inside out. Promote hair growth with spinach. And kale’s benefits are seen throughout the entire body, as it boosts cell turnover. On days when your belly feels a bit bloated or crampy, chow down on some okra to soothe digestion.

One of the best parts about filling up on plant-based foods is that it leaves less room in your belly (and your wallet) for the bad stuff. Sugar is one of the main culprits when it comes to wrinkle formation, acne and age spots. Too much sugar causes collagen, a major protein that supports healthy skin, to break down. It’s also acidifying and inflammatory, and robs your cells of nutrients and hydration. A handful or two of low glycemic index fruits like berries can satiate your sweet tooth while energizing you for more time for fun in the sun.

There’s a whole world of summer foods that’ll make you feel and look great in their own unique ways, and they’ll soon be ripe for the picking at your local market. And if shopping and chopping is not your thing, then let our Plantable chefs do that heavy lifting for you — leaving more time for frolicking by the pool and the beach.

Nadja Pinnavai, PhD, is the founder of Plantable

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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