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Lessons in Cool: Athletic Greens’ Kat Cole

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

Welcome to Lessons In Cool, a series all about the people we’re constantly inspired by. They are tastemakers, curators of style, thought leaders, and well, just cool.

Meet Kat Cole, she’s the President and COO of Athletic Greens, Bobbi’s go-to daily health drink. In honor of our limited-edition Travel Kit, we caught up with the wellness pro to hear more about her routines, favorite travel destinations, and what cool means to her.

Name & occupation:

Kat Cole, President & COO Athletic Greens

First thing you do in the morning:

Drink my AG1 in 8 oz of water (lightly shaken), stretch, and make coffee (French press with butter, collagen, and MCT oil).

Who inspires you + why:

People who are courageous and kind in tough moments. My mom in particular, but moms in general. We left my dad when I was 9, and my mom raised three girls on her own—she was so resourceful, loving, and focused on raising independent girls. She did more with less and broke patterns of the past by making hard choices for her family.

Last person you texted:

My husband, Daley

Most scrolled app or site:

It’s a tie: WhatsApp and Zoom

What are the 5 beauty products you can’t live without:

Your fashion/style icon?

Everyone at Burning Man, Stevie Nicks, and anyone who is feelin’ themselves in whatever they are wearing—comfort and confidence is beautiful and always in style.

Favorite travel destination:

Local coffee shops anywhere in the world with my husband, especially in Mexico (Tulum, Holbox, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City)—but with two kids under five, any place that’s a quick flight to the Caribbean is a dream!

Your go-to…

Breakfast: Fruit, eggs, avocado (but often toddler leftovers)

Lunch: Smoothie bowl, tacos, or a PBJ sandwich

Dinner: Anything my husband makes... but a classic is grilled salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, charred broccoli

Cocktail: Paloma

Where does AG1 fit into your daily routine?

First thing in the morning and often a second one when I travel, if the kiddos have seasonal colds, or if I want to double down on gut health

What’s your wellness philosophy?

We have one life and one body - if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your wellness. Stack healthy habits, focus on consistency and strength, do what gives you energy and really makes you happy inside. Appreciate what you have now, one day you’ll look back and wish you had.

Advice you’d give your younger self:

Follow your instinct, and enjoy every moment!

What does “cool” mean to you?

Uniquely you, kind, always learning and growing.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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