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Recipe: Healthy Crispy Air-Fried Salmon Power Bowl

Written by: Arash Hashemi

This power bowl will keep you feeling satiated, focused, and ready to tackle just about anything in your afternoon! We start with a big dose of greens, top with a garlic-parmesan crusted salmon, some sautéed green beans, jammy soft boiled eggs, and some more veggies. It's low-carb, keto-friendly, and full of nutrients, it takes about 15 minutes to prepare and can be meal prepped in advance for delicious and healthy meals throughout the week.


  • 4-6 oz wild salmon

  • 1 tsp mustard

  • 1 1/2 tablespoon finely shredded parmesan

  • 2 tsp crushed fried garlic (or garlic powder)

  • 1/2 tsp smoked paprika

  • 1 tsp lemon pepper

  • 1 large pasture-raised egg

  • 1-2 cups dark leafy greens (I used spinach)

  • Green beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado, or other veggies of choice


  1. Coat a piece of salmon with 1 teaspoon mustard and then top with a garlic parmesan mixture. Make your garlic parmesan mixture by mixing 1 1/2 tablespoons finely shredded parmesan cheese, 2 teaspoons crushed fried garlic (you can also sub in garlic powder instead), 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika, and 1 teaspoon lemon pepper. Put in the air fryer for 15 minutes, or alternatively, bake in the oven.

  2. While the salmon is going, make your soft boiled egg. To make the egg, I bring water to a boil, boil the egg for six and a half minutes, then immediately put in a water ice bath for 2-3 minutes before slicing. If you prefer a firmer yolk, boil the egg for 7-8 minutes.

  3. Now we are ready to plate everything. I always start my power bowls with a big base of dark leafy greens. For this dish, I used some organic baby spinach and arugula. I also added some sautéed green beans I had left over, but you can use any vegetable you prefer or already have on hand.

  4. Put the salmon and egg over the veggies and serve with some local sliced cherry tomatoes and a little avocado.

  5. Devour as is or add your favorite dressing. A good lemon vinaigrette or ranch would go so well with this.

Arash Hashemi is the founder of almond pasta brand Almond Love With and the Instagram account @ShredHappens, a destination for healthy keto-friendly recipes and tips.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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