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Stacey Griffith: ‘If You Love Fitness, Find Your Passion In It'

Written by: Allie Rose

At 50 years old, Stacey Griffith is among the most acclaimed fitness instructors working today and has been hailed as a “miracle worker” by her cult-like band of indoor cyclists. She is a Founding Senior Master Instructor at SoulCycle, and one of the iconic faces of the brand. Her clients include Madonna, Kelly Ripa, Molly Sims and Deepak Chopra, just to name a few. Here the author of Two Turns From Zero talks to us about the fitness industry, what is always in her fridge and her style must-haves.

How did you break into the fitness industry?

I was 18 years old and someone didn’t show up to teach an abs class at a YMCA in San Luis Obispo so I jumped in and after that my career in fitness took off. I always worked in a gym, as a trainer first, and then became an instructor in the early 90s. I will forever be grateful for my career in fitness. It is my absolute joy.

What does fitness mean to you?

It means staying active and fit. “Tight and light” as I say.

How do you fuel your body to sustain such intense workouts?

Honestly, I feel like my genetic makeup has carried me through many years of being fit. Turning 50, I slowed down a little bit, had some major injury setbacks in my shoulders and knee, but now I’m feeling healthy and strong. I try to live “in the middle” of everything dietary. I don’t binge eat, I don’t go crazy on candy and sweets anymore. [Being] healthy is the focus — without going overboard and with saying no.

What do you always have stocked in your fridge?

Quality cheese, berries, Bai water (including Bai bubbles), and Sephora cucumber wipes.

Do you have a cheat day?

Cheat day is after three healthy days in a row.

What are you currently working on?

Touring my class to all of our SoulCycle studios, I would like to hit all 90 studios.

Any words of inspiration to those who are looking to follow a similar career path?

If you love fitness, find your passion in it. There are a lot of options in this field, it’s not just spinning. Discover what you are great at, and go from there. If you love music, people, and working to exhaustion, this career is for you! It is incredibly rewarding, and my soul is full from it every day.

What are your style and beauty must haves?

I am a loyal brand ambassador of Brunello Cucinelli, so my style is all about Italian activewear. I blend it with other brands, and my color palette tends to be oatmeal and beige with bright colors popped in as accents. Anything G-Star, Givenchy and Balmain makes me smile. Everything OFF-WHITE is fun. And I have over 200 pairs of sneakers. Currently my favorite sneakers will still remain a simple clean pair of Adidas Stan Smiths. I love getting dressed - it's always fun and brings out my current mood.


I’m working on my second book, stay tuned... And a television show.


Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle


Happiness, Joy, Love, Light, Desire. It is who you are.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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