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Stylist Deborah Watson Shares Her Wellness Philosophy & Wardrobe Essentials

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

If you’re in need of some style inspiration, look no further than Deborah Watson. The New York City-based stylist got her start working in the advertising department at Ralph Lauren and has gone on to work with all the biggest names in the fashion industry — including Vogue, Annie Leibovitz and Emily Ratajkowski. We caught up with Deborah between photoshoots to learn more about where she looks for style inspiration, her wellness philosophy and the products she can’t live without.

Your Big Break:

When Ralph Lauren noticed my style while I was working at the Mansion and asked me if I was a designer and what was my goal career wise. I explained that I was interested in advertising and marketing and that afternoon he sent me to corporate offices to interview with all the heads of departments to see where I might fit in. Two weeks later I started in the advertising department. I worked really hard and ended up staying for eleven years. When I left I was the Director of National Advertising and the rest is history. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime because it was like graduate school for fashion and advertising for me, working with such a talented team for one of the biggest most successful brands in the world.

Currently Working On:

I could tell you but then i have to kill you…JK. Let’s just say for now it’s a family affair that has been a long time coming.

Where You Look for Style Inspiration:

EVERYWHERE. But mainly the street, always the streets, all over the world. I love to see how people are wearing their clothes for real, not on Instagram or at fashion week, but real people wearing real clothes because that is where you find the gems, the unique ideas that inspire me in my work.

Describe Your Personal Style in 3 Words:

Authentic, utilitarian, decadent.

Most Iconic Fashion Moment:

I have so many but shooting Beyonce singing and dancing on the streets of NYC was pretty cool.

Your 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves:

You can pretty much get away with wearing these five items together as a look anywhere in the world for practically any occasion too!

  • Jeans
  • White T-Shirt
  • Black Chanel Bag
  • Sexy Black Flats
  • Trench Coat

Product Obsessions:

I've been using Skin Trip moisturizer since forever. Best moisturizer on the planet and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I smell like a “freshly cut coconut.”

Mason Pearson Brush, I truly believe it has kept my hair healthy for years!

EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Glow supplements for that extra vitamin C, E and collagen

Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer is so good for under makeup, especially if you are going to be photographed because it’s so moisturizing it makes my skin glow!

BeautyCounter Brilliant Brow Gel is a new obsession and it's best brand because they are true CLEAN beauty — no chemicals, no animal testing.

Innoxa Eye Drops. They only have them in France, so I stock up when I’m in Paris!

Chanel Jumbo Longwear Matte Lip Crayon. I love it because red lips require maintenance (which I am not good at), but this one stays on until the party is over!

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush stick in Petal because it always looks right, no matter what shade my skin is at the time, tan or pale!

Wellness & Beauty Philosophy:

  • Eat clean. For me that means plant based diet, vegetarian, no carbs and gluten-free.

  • Sleep for 8 hours a night and go to bed at the same time every night if you can.

  • Exercise once a day and mix it up. For me, ideally, that means rotating running, kickboxing, pilates and yoga. But this is my biggest challenge because when I travel, I tend to run more (since it’s easy to just throw in my running shoes and go) but it’s so important to strengthen my muscles as well, so I’m always trying to achieve that.

  • No alcohol and no smoking is key...this is pretty easy for me because I don’t really enjoy it and like to feel great when I wake up.

  • Regular facials are so important. I try to go to Diana at The Collagen Bar once a month to get this facial that stimulates the collagen under the surface, it’s so amazing! For me it’s all about collagen and vitamin C these days in any form!

  • Be kind to others and you will sleep well at night.

Work Mantra:

Work begets work. Try to do it all if you can still manage to balance the rest of your life.

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received:

Say YES to everything.

Advice for those looking to get into the fashion industry:

Don’t look to others for inspiration, create your own style and keep evolving that style as you grow as an artist. Fashion changes so you have to adapt and embrace what is coming. Work hard, be kind and pay attention to everyone around you because you can learn from one single experience.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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