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Talking with Charlotte's Book Founder Robin Shobin

Written by: Sara Bliss

What beauty products are really worth it? Which cosmetic treatments get serious results? What procedures should you avoid? With too many options to choose from, and way too many people keeping quiet about what they actually do, Robin Shobin knew that there was a need for an online beauty community that readers can rely on for the inside scoop on beauty. Robin left her job as a credit analyst on Wall Street to launch Charlotte’s Book in 2013 and it has become a go-to resource for the skinny on beauty products and procedures.

Wellness philosophy:

I believe it all starts with commitment to self care. That might be meditating. It might be an annual laser treatment. But do you first.

My personal beauty gurus:

From Dr. Doris Day to Keri Glassman, I literally rely and talk to all of our CB experts on a regular basis. I learn so much from them.


A whole lot of eggs, lots of supplements, lots of coffee and tea, and a daily dose of doggy love.


I am a big believer in strength training over cardio. I do a mix of yoga, circuit training. I switch up between AKT and Kayla Itsines’ apps, and intense hiking. Regardless of my workout, I do 15 pushups, a headstand, a full wheel, and 10 downward dog flows every morning. I figure that if I do it every single day, I will never not be able to do them. We’ll see.

Beauty from the inside out:

Finding the right supplement routine can be life changing. The list I take is too long for this interview! But I never miss taking zinc, Udo’s fish oil, a probiotic, magnesium, and ashwaghanda. Those are my daily staples. I know that if I miss them, I will actually feel different, my skin will be different, my hair will be different. Then I have a secondary set that I try to take 75% of the time that includes a laundry list of antioxidants and collagen boosters. But there are only so many pills I can take in one day so I try to keep a “I must take these everyday” pile and my “it would be good take these too pile.”

Beauty product obsession(s):

I never leave home without Wise Ways Rose Face Balm. Cane & Austin glycolic pads are the best pad product out there. Dara Kennedy of Ayla Beauty just gave me some products from BioRecept and I am obsessed. Dara has super sensitive skin like me so I trust her product recommendations. I also love Susanne Kaufmann’s eye cream.

Words of wisdom:

Align yourself with good partners and invest in a good team. You won’t go far going it solo. So many people forget that the execution of an idea, and the quality of your team, are far more important than the idea itself.

Business Mantra:

At the end of the day, everything is about good problem solving skills. Every problem has a good solution that can turn a pitfall into a learning experience.

Personal Mantra:

Don’t be cool. Be yourself.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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