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Talking with Elvis Duran

Written by: Sara Bliss

Elvis Duran has been hosting Z100’s Morning Show since 1996. It’s the most listened to Top 40 morning show in the United States with listeners relating with Elvis’ funny, upbeat, and open personality and blend of celebrity guests, pop culture news, and of course hit songs. He’s been a FOB (Friend of Bobbi) for years, with Bobbi regularly appearing on his morning show to share her tips on beauty, health, and life. Here Elvis shares his big break, his ultimate beauty drink (it’s not a green juice), and wise mantra.

Big Break:

I was intrigued with radio since I was a little kid. I loved the connection I had with the radio personality, music, and contests, it felt as if I had a friend available at the touch of a button. I remained laser focused on making it happen. And I did! My first break was in San Antonio, Texas, making $12,000 a year. I made just enough money to drink, eat and pay the rent. It was one of the best times of my life.

Original Take:

What makes me stand out? The only thing I can fully take credit for is recognizing talent and hiring them. Our people are the reason behind our show's success. I would fail without them.


Never apologize for being yourself. Never be afraid to take chances.

Currently Working On:

Everything! Hiring a new co-host. Taking a fresh approach to a one-on-one artist based interview show. Writing a book that will be a behind the scenes look at my life and career. Making new friends!


The promise of a vacation always just around the corner. A life filled with laughter.


Hosting a show for more than 22 years has the potential of becoming monotonous. The inspiration to keep it different and fresh is vital—not only within the four walls of our studio, but through launching other projects...some of which are out of my comfort zone. Love those!

Strength Training:

Simple cardio. Training. Nothing trendy or complicated.

Beauty From the Inside Out:


Can’t-Live-Without Products:

My "Elvis Duran" branded bronzer whipped up exclusively for me by Bobbi Brown! And moisturizer, I am always trying new ones.


I never have been a goal oriented person. I simply keep an eye on the road signs and allow the highway to take me where I need to go.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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