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Talking with Hannah Bronfman

Written by: Sara Bliss

Photography by: Ben Rosser

Founder of the health, beauty, and fitness site HBFIT, model, DJ, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and author Hannah Bronfman is a force. Determined, yet relentlessly sunny, and willing to take risks on new ventures and ideas, Hannah’s optimism is contagious. Here she talks plant-based eating, skin-care essentials, and knowing her value.

Big Break:

My big break was in 2011 when I DJ’d Vogue’s Fashion Night Out for Dolce & Gabbana where Justin Bieber was the surprise guest. I remember thinking to myself how cool it was that I was getting to wear the clothes for the event, but when Bieber came on stage I realized that I should be getting paid.  That was an eye opening experience and the coverage gave me leverage to negotiate my rates for future gigs.


So many things drive me. I’m highly motivated by my community and wanting to leave a mark on this world. I want to continue to impact women in a positive and healthy way. I want to continue building businesses that have an emphasis on social impact. I am also motivated to live my happiest and healthiest self because I want to be on this crazy planet for as long as possible.

Strength training:

I live by the rules of switching it up. A perfect week to me is when I have done something different every day of the week. Some of my favorite classes include Pilates, boxing, HIIT, strength training, Hip Hop dance classes, hot yoga and dance cardio.  I never get bored and I think my body sees results because I’m constantly working out different muscles.

Beauty from the inside out:

I love deep green veggies of all kinds, sweet potatoes, cilantro, proteins, healthy fats and lots of sea vegetables.

Makeup mood:

I am all about good skin. I work really hard to maintain good skin and I will always take off my makeup no matter how late it is. From there, a sheer foundation and good concealer are the most important part of my routine. I’m loving Hourglass, Dior and Wander beauty for foundations. They all have a great range of warmer and cooler brown shades so it’s great for me to mix and match for my complexion. From there I use Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, one for contour and one for blush in Intensity 2 and Scintillate.


Listen to your body. Some days, what I need is tons of water and rest. Some days I need to run around and fit in two workouts to feel my best. Do what feels good.


I am all about setting small, attainable goals. Right now, I’m experimenting with new eating habits as I have recently transitioned from Keto to plant-based diet. I’m new to all the labels and still figuring it all out. Right now my goal is to listen to my body and be aware of how food makes me feel.

This article was originally published in March 2018.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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