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Talking with Holistic Health Coach Lily Kunin

Written by: Sara Bliss

Lily Kunin always had a passion for cooking, but she never thought it would lead to an entirely new life. After college, Lily pursued a career in education, first in marketing and then in philanthropy. It took recurring and debilitating migraines, to open an entirely new world for her. When she realized that different foods could either trigger— or heal—her migraines, she began becoming for interested in nutrition and health. While trying to eat healthy despite her hectic city life, Kunin launched Clean Food Dirty City, an Instagram account and blog featuring gorgeous pics of healthy recipes. “I had no idea it would be the launchpad for a whole new career,” reveals Lily. While she kept her day job to save money, Kunin decided to make the leap and leave her life in education for a life in health. She became a certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and plant-based chef. The author of Good Clean Food, Lily just opened Clean Market in NYC, a one-stop shop for healthy living.

Big Break:

I started my Instagram several years ago and it has been my main platform. Karlie Kloss made one of my recipes and my following jumped from 5K to 10K in a few hours. Several months later, an editor at Abrams reached out to me to see if I was interested in writing a cookbook. She was a fan and had found my on Instagram. Bobbi and I also met through Instagram. The power of social media is real!

Currently Working On:

I’m three weeks into the soft launch of Clean Market, my first brick and mortar store. With a functional food and tonic bar, modern apothecary retail market, and IV drips, cryotherapy, and infrared saunas it embodies my passion for food and functional medicine. Right now, I am focusing on operating this store, while also building out plans for the next two locations in NYC.

The Concept:

I came up with the idea for Clean Market because I wanted to create a place where you could find everything under one roof—functional foods, smart supplements, nontoxic beauty and home products, and healing services. By teaming up with leaders in the space like NutriDrip and their functional medicine team, it became so much more. One day we may become the “Eataly” of wellness.


I feel like we are in this major moment of women-founded and owned businesses, with women doing it on their own terms and creating the culture and the life that they want. There are too many women to name that inspire me and seeing them reach their goals gives me energy and motivation to do the same.

Wellness Philosophy:

Less is more. Listen to your body.

Favorite easy recipe:

Chickpea pasta made with whatever arrives in our weekly CSA. Usually garlic, lots of greens, zucchini, olives, lemon zest, and red pepper flakes.


Lots of sleep, clean water, good food, cryotherapy, IV drips, and infrared saunas

Beauty From the Inside Out:

My day to day supplement routine for energy, immunity and beauty is the following: Xymogen Relax Max Vital Nutrients Vitex Xymogen B Activ Metagenics Magnesium Glycinate Designs for Health ProBioMed

LivOn Labs Vitamin C and Glutathione, plus bi-weekly NutriCleanse drips with a nice shot of Glutathione.

Makeup Mood:

Sunkissed, with a little blush and highlighter

Product Obsessions:

I’ve been doing so much product testing for the store and I am currently loving Goe Body Oil, Goop Bath Soaks, and True Botanicals Clear Line for acne.

Future Goals:

My goal at Clean Market is to connect the community with products and services that elevate health and overall wellbeing. Educating and making this accessible is key. The sky's the limit!

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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