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Talking Wellness & Beauty with Sophia Roe

Written by: Sara Bliss

If you need a little motivation to live a little healthier, then you need to check out Sophia Roe’s Instagram. The chef and wellness warrior posts videos on everything from recipes to supplements to exercise and beyond, that will have you fired up to live a little better. Check out Sophia’s beauty supplement recommendations, the mantra that we all need to adopt, and her natural beauty go-to’s.

Big Break:

I’ve been a chef since 2009, and along the way sharing food through social media sort of blew up. If you scroll back to the very beginning of my Instagram, it is nothing but food posts. But I really started breaking into the industry when I started making videos and sharing my knowledge.

Currently Working On:

Right now I am working on content. I really love engaging with my community, and putting out work that people can use to better themselves. I am also working on my Function Nutrition Certification! I feel like it’ll be a great accompaniment to my Plant Based Nutrition Certification, Detoxification Certification, as well as Culinary Arts.


My absolute favorite, and one I find myself always going back to is ,“You’re exactly where you need to be, and you’re right on schedule.” I think the time we live in, and social media for sure have contributed to this insane compare yourself/competition culture. I really feel like this can be a toxic way of thinking, as it’s super one-note. It’s so important to remember that each of us as an individual, and therefore on our own unique conquest.

Food Philosophy:

I personally live on a strict no land animal, and no dairy diet. I eat wild caught fish in moderation, and keep gluten to a super minimum. I’m a huge fruit and vegetable lover. Personally I think if you’re eating a 75%-85% plant based diet, then you’re doing GREAT! The big no-no’s are processed sugars, foods, condiments, and artificial ingredients.


A simple Earl Grey tea with almond or oat milk works perfectly as a morning energizer. I love matcha tea, but sometimes it keeps my energy almost too high. Throughout the day I will reach for a handful of golden berries or a green juice.

Beauty From The Inside Out:

I take Evening Primrose Oil every day. It’s excellent for hormonal acne, and troubled/aggravated menstruation. I also love the Anima Mundi plant-based Collagen. It’s been a game-changer for my skin for sure! As for diet, I keep it packed with lots of bitter greens such as collards, endive, chicory, and nettles. They’re incredibly detoxifying, and therefore amazingly beatifying.

Product Obsession:

I am obsessed with Sunday Riley!! The products are so active, and easily accessible. Favorites are Good Genes and Luna Night Oil. Mega Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask by Origins has really helped me a lot with my hyperpigmentation. I also just started using Paula’s Choice, and wow in just three days, my skin is so plump and bright looking. As for makeup, I don’t wear it much, but if I have an event or something to attend, Juice Beauty Foundation is amazing. I also am a die hard for the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer.


I really want to launch my originally illustrated zine/e-book this year, as well as develop a super consistent workshop series-not to mentions tons of collaborations. But beyond work, I’d really love to develop a nutrition education program geared towards low-income minority groups-with a major focus on mothers. The children are the future, and it’s truly a passion of mine to not only educate, but make that knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.

This article was originally published in June 2018.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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