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The Ultimate 6-Minute Spring Workout

Written by: FIT LIKE KRYS

So, you're mentally ready to workout, but your body needs some convincing. Social media is flooded with workouts. Virtual programs are everywhere and gyms are re-opening, but you haven't workout out in months. Uh oh. FLK to the Rescue! Your body loves movement, so nothing to be scared of there. And movement is my specialty, so carve out six minutes today and let's get you back in the swing of things, just in time for spring! Check out this short video for the correct form of the following exercises:

__4 Exercises 30 seconds each x 3 rounds __

  • Alternating Step Out with Up & Out Arms

  • Plie Squat with 3 Arm Circles & 1 extension

  • Table-top Crunch with breath (inhale down, exhale slowly up)

  • Bridge Press with breath (inhale down, exhale to lift hips and squeeze glutes)

*Note: Do what you can during each 30 second interval but try to keep moving throughout all 3 rounds without taking a break. *

Want more tips? Here are three more things you can start now to ease yourself back into a healthy routine:


As the weather gets warmer, adding a 15 minute walk will have great benefits for your body and mind. Check in with your apple watch or fitbit and see what your last few days of steps have been. Start by adding 2K steps to your average. So, if you are averaging 6K steps a day without trying, set a goal of 8K steps a day. This means you will just have to get in one short walk and be mindful of just a little more movement. At the end of the week that is an additional 14K steps, but you've eased into that by breaking it up into an extra 2K a day


Sure, you might watch this video and think, that looks great! But will you do it? If you don't plan for it, probably not. And that is the case with most workouts! They don't just happen. So take a few minutes each night to schedule movement for the following day. Scheduling 10 minutes of working out is better than nothing and it means something! You'll feel great for sticking to your plan and as time goes on, you'll look forward to those scheduling blocks.


Let's face it, going to the gym requires a level of confidence and comfort. And you might not be there yet. The amazing thing about virtual workouts is that for the most part they are super affordable. You can also find exactly what type of workouts you are looking for. And with a combination of live and on-demand options you can really get into a routine. And the best part about it, you can use that beautiful CAMERA OFF feature, and follow along as best as you can.

Not sure where to start? My virtual studio FLK Method has 20+ live classes per week plus over 300 videos on demand. And it's just $30 for your first month! Download my free app FLK Method on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

For more tips on nutrition, fitness & well-being follow @fit.like.krys, founder of @flkmethod, on Instagram. For more info on fitness and nutrition programs visit her website fitlikekrys.com.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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