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What to Buy At Pop Up Grocer

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

Imagine a grocery store where you want to take a photo of every single thing on every single shelf. That’s Pop Up Grocer. The Williamsburg outpost opened up a few weeks ago and is stocked with dozens of new, cool, and healthy (!) food and beverage brands. If you’re feeling a little uninspired when you open your kitchen cabinets (hey, six months of home cooking can do that to you), it’s definitely worth a visit. Here are six brands worth scooping up:

Slow Up Fresh Food Bars

If a grain bowl and a granola bar had a baby, it would be Slow Up. These bars are made with real food and whole ingredients like chickpeas, quinoa, nuts, eggs, and spices. They are made fresh, which means the shelf life is 14 days and they live in your refrigerator instead of your pantry. With 10g of protein, they make for a perfect snack or quick meal when you’re strapped for time between Zoom calls.

Something & Nothing Seltzer

Sorry LaCroix, there’s a new seltzer in town. This is the best cucumber seltzer I’ve ever had. I said it. Cool and crisp, it was refreshing on its own and made for an excellent cocktail mixer. Something & Nothing uses all natural ingredients, making them flavorful and low in calories.

Mumgry Pistachio Chocolate Almond Butter

Like nutella, but better. Way better. The ingredients are simple (just pistachios, chocolate and almonds), which means no added preservatives or oil. I’ve been enjoying it on toast with sliced bananas for breakfast and as an afternoon snack with an apple. And ok sure, maybe I’ve had a spoonful or two straight from the jar…

Moon Cheese Oh My Gouda

Moon Cheese is officially in the running to replace the Cheez-It as my favorite crunchy cheese snack, which is saying a lot. Tangy, cheesy, and crunchy, these bites are 100% real cheese and 100% delish.

Seemore Meats & Veggies Sausages

Founded by fourth generation butcher Cara Nicoletti, Seemore sausages are made with lots of veggies (up to 35% in each link!) and humanely raised meat. What’s not to love about that? Plus, the La Dolce Beet-a flavor is pink, which makes for very colorful pastas.

Hummus Joonam Truffle Honey Hummus

There is always a tub (or two) of hummus in my refrigerator, but I’ve never been loyal to one brand. Hummus Joonam might change that. This Israeli-style hummus is blended with local truffle honey for a sweet meets earthy dip that you’ll want to eat with everything.

Magic Spoon Cereal

I’m a real cereal lover, but I’ve avoided buying boxes over the last few years because of, well, the crazy high amounts of sugar. Magic Spoon is high protein, low carb, grain free and made without cane sugar or corn syrup. It’s kid cereal for adults and I’m sold.

Pop Up Grocer is open until November 1, 2020. (Tip: Don’t go hungry.) If you can’t make it to shop IRL, you can order a Pop Up Grocer Box, filled with assorted goodies from the Williamsburg shop.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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