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Why You Need to Get Your Stretch On

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

Photography by: Ben Ritter

When was the last time you stretched? I mean, really, really stretched? Many of us are guilty of ducking out of a workout class before the stretching portion or skipping the post-run stretch in an effort to save precious time. Amanda Freeman, founder and CEO of SLT, started to notice clients leaving classes as soon as the stretching began. At the same time, she noticed that when people were training one-on-one, they relished the 10-minute assisted stretch that came at the end of a session. “It became clear to me that there was a dramatically different reaction to self-stretching and assisted stretching,” says Freeman. “I decided there should be a ‘Drybar’ for stretching.”

She recently co-founded Stretch*d, a studio that offers a menu of one-on-one assisted stretching services to make getting loose a lot easier — and more effective. The space features semi-private stretching rooms, a changing area and a curated selection of goodies from Moon Juice, Sagely and Golde. “Whether you sit for long periods of time, stand for long periods of time, workout daily, travel or schlep your kids around — Stretch*d is your antidote to living hard,” explains Freeman.

The studios service menu includes four stretch services, ranging from a 25-minute head-to-toe stretch (the Quick*e) to a 75-minute comprehensive stretch session (the E*longated), plus add-on services that include a neck massage with a CBD-infused cream or 20-minutes in a pair of Normatec Recovery Boots. (I recently booked a Quick*e session with the neck massage and can’t recommend it enough.) The Stretch*d method is all about short reps. Stretches are held for three seconds and are repeated 10-12 times for a full set. This style of stretching helps to improve circulation and time for the targeted muscle group for each stretch to be relaxed.

So, when should you go? According to Freeman, it’s always a good time to get stretched. With benefits that include increased range of motion, reduced stiffness, and alleviated joint stress, she see’s clients coming in both pre- and post-workout, on travel days, or just when they want to take a few minutes for themselves. Even if you can’t make it to the studio (Freeman recommends trying to come once a week), it’s still important to stretch everyday. The team at Stretch*d can provide you with a list of basic self-stretches to do at home following your session, but you have to make stretching a part of your routine. “You have to prioritize it. It’s usually easiest to do it right when you wake up or before you go to bed,” says Freeman. Go on, get your stretch on.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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