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5 Essential Relationship Tips for Power Couples

Written by: Grace Beuley Hunt, Purewow

Hooray! You found your soul mate, who, like you, happens to be a type-A, gold-star go-getter. But between writing your to-do lists, color-coding your closet and becoming the first female POTUS, you’ll need to find time to actually connect. To that end, here are five ways to make your relationship stronger—if you’re a pair of ambitious perfectionists.

Schedule Your Downtime

You both live by your Google cal, and the idea of a free morning doesn’t sit well with your moral fiber. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need time to recoup just like everybody else. The fix? Just as you’d schedule a couples’ spin class or double date, block out weekly downtime for lounging in pajamas.

Leave Work Outside the Bedroom

In this day and age, it’s highly unusual to have a job where you can leave the work entirely at work—especially for hustlers. But that doesn’t mean you have to talk corporate restructuring between the sheets: No emails, no work calls and no talk of lingering assignments in the boudoir. Designate it a refuge for sleeping, snuggling and sexy time only.

Tech Detox on Your Vacations

We know, a loss of Wi-Fi feels like the loss of a limb for you two, but you’re not going to be able to unwind if you’re still plugged in. First up: Leave your laptops at home (no sneaking in work, please!). Next up: Challenge yourselves to keep your phones on airplane mode throughout the day. (Yes, yes, you can still check in every morning and use in emergencies.)

Orchestrate Time for Friends and Family

Don’t be one of those couples who only has time for work and one another: Instead, proactively carve out time for all the important people in your life. Take the initiative to orchestrate the friends weekend upstate, or to host a dinner party for your siblings. “How do they do it all?” your friends will ask. Easy: You’re effortlessly fabulous planners, of course.

Make Friends with a Low-Key Couple

And while we’re on the subject of friendships—nurture relationships with different kinds of “power couples.” In other words, spend time with folks who have a more chilled-out outlook on life, and are the better for it. Your college friends who left the city to live in a cottage by the sea? They’ve got a whole other set of success secrets that might just do your overdrive brains some good.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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