Diary / Lifestyle / Nov 1, 2022

Bobbi Shares Her 5 Wardrobe Staples

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Amy Lombard

This year I moved and did a big refresh of my wardrobe. I was able to give away or donate things that I had been holding on to for way too long. I guess you could say I’m working towards a uniform way of dressing. Here are my current go-tos:


Winner: Sunspel Boy Fit T-shirt
I love a good basic t-shirt. Throw a blazer on and you have an instant outfit. This one is my go-to.

Runner-Up: James Pierce Vintage Boxy Tee
This is the thin t-shirt I wear as an undershirt with sweaters and sweatshirts.



Winner: Muji Denim Skinny Pants

A good slim jean is a must in my wardrobe and this pair is super comfortable and thin. If you’re petite like me, get them tailored for a perfect fit!

Runner-Up: Levi’s 724 High Rise Slim Straight Women's Jeans



Winner: Onda Organic Cotton No Show Socks

You’ll usually find me in a sneaker, so socks are key. I live in these.

Runner-Up: Comme Si The Everyday Sock



Winner: Negative Whipped Boy Short

What you’re wearing under your clothes is just as important!

Runner-Up: Uniqlo AIRism Ultra Seamless Bikini



Winner: Running Bare Peach Studio Ab-Tastic Legging

When I’m not in jeans, I’m in these leggings.

Runner-Up: Splits59 Airweight High Weight ⅞ Legging

Diary / Lifestyle / Nov 1, 2022

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