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Daily Danny: Take Action

Written by: Danny Seo

Turn off the lights

Nocturnally migrating birds need nearly pitch-black conditions to make their way through the nighttime sky. With many of us turning our backyards into an extension of the house, it can seem like a fun, decorative idea to hang string lights and illuminate the yard. But these outdoor lights can distract and confuse birds in flight. Instead, try two things to help: Either be diligent about turning off all unnecessary lights at night, or limit the number of lights. Hanging lights (like string and cafe-style lights) are the worst offenders.

Trade your Car for a Ride-Share

Keeping an extra car that is barely used can be a real money waster. The cost of registration, insurance, gas and monthly payments (if you don’t own the car outright) averages to about $10,000 a year in unnecessary expenditure. Plus, any maintenance to make it run smoothly adds to the money-wasting pot. Your spare car can make spare change: Sell it for extra money, and enjoy the savings. For city dwellers, a great alternative is the use of ride-share programs that allow you to rent on an as-needed basis.

Don't recycle that pizza box

Here’s a Do Just One Thing fact you might already know: A greasy cardboard pizza box is not recyclable, since the grease has contaminated the cardboard. But did you know you can do one thing to prevent the grease from penetrating the box? All you have to do is ask for a sheet of aluminum foil to be placed on the bottom of the box and on top of the pizza. Not only does this prevent contamination of the box, it also keeps the pizza hotter, longer. And you can rinse off the aluminum foil, ball it up and toss it in the recycling bin, too.

Save the White Wine

The next time you have a party and you’re cleaning up after the festivities, don’t toss the small sip of white wine left in the cups down the drain. Instead, pour it into the toilet. The residual alcohol in the wine is a natural disinfectant. When the leftover white wine sits in the bowl of your toilet, it helps disinfect and clean. You can also fill a spray bottle and dilute the wine with water; it’s a great natural disinfectant to use on kitchen countertops, too. Just remember this: White wine -- not red -- since red will obviously stain.

Recycle Bulk Containers at Home

Bulk-size containers holding oversized bags of snack foods like cookies, pretzels and potato chips are a popular choice when feeding a crowd. In the summer months, many people bring these warehouse-club purchases to outdoor recreational areas. Though parks have receptacles for both trash and recycling, you shouldn’t toss these containers into those bins. If the receptacles are not emptied that night, it’s likely that wild animals will rummage through the bins after dark, and they can get stuck inside the large, warehouse-club-style containers and bags. Bring this kind of trash home to recycle and dispose of it.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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