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Spring Forward: Bobbi Brown's Wellness & Beauty Must-Haves

Written by: Bobbi

Spring just makes me happy. I love to get back outdoors and dream about travels. When I look at all of these things, I think about throwing them in a suitcase — or finding renewed energy with them at home. And they're all so simple.

Allbirds Wool Runners

I discovered these a couple of years ago; my entire family loves them. I won't say they're cute or stylish, but they definitely have a look. They're so comfortable you can walk for hours and hours in them. And they're lightweight and easy to pack.

Graffiti Collective Face Mask in Clean Slate

This is a recent find and it's just a good, effective mask. I love the color — the aqua is my warm weather color. It will help you exfoliate dry winter skin, and gets you ready to expose more skin.

The Laundress Triple Sorter

I like to organize and compartmentalize things. Instead of putting your laundry in a big pile, this sorter helps you keep things separate. When each bag is full, just wash them separately. I am also someone who loves to clean — especially spring clean. Vinegar is an old-fashioned cleaner our grandmothers used to use — because it works. This one is organic, all natural, and unlike most vinegar, it actually smells good.


This is a godsend — I basically created it for myself. I'm always the one saying, "Oh my god I feel so bloated." It's especially good when you travel and eat something you don't usually eat. It's a natural diuretic and has some green tea for energy. Drink it in a big glass of water to get everything moving.


I'm crazy about this. It's so quick. It's so easy. And it doesn't take up much space. After you put whatever you want in — fruits, veggies, protein powder, ice, whatever you want — just hit the button and it takes two seconds. The top becomes your cup so you can literally just run out the door with it.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

This is a lip and cheek stain in one. It's creamy and it looks like you're just a bit flushed. It's all I really throw on most days. If I'm lucky enough to get mascara on, it will go next. You don't even have to put a moisturizer under it. And you don't need a lot — a little goes a long way.

Good American Core Power Leggings

I'm pretty much a black leggings person and I thought these were really cute. I also like how high-waisted they are because a lot of leggings cut you in the middle of your stomach, which doesn't work for a lot of us. And they're just fun — without resorting to some of the crazy colors that young people can pull off.

Frank and Eileen Poplin Shirt

This is a fabulous basic white shirt — it's not too fitted and it's not too wide. Often white shirts just aren't flattering, but this one is tapered without being too tight. It's also not too long, which works for me. And the collar isn't oversized.

Peloton Tread

This treadmill is out now. It has classes that really motivate. A trainer is on the screen as a live stream saying, "Okay, walk. Now speed it up." I think it adds a little extra kick in the butt.

Originally published in Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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