Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

What My Mom Taught Me

Written by: Bobbi

My mom taught me a few very important life lessons over the years — and I hope I’ve taught my own children some things too. After all, mother knows best!

1. Be nice to everyone.

You never know who you are going to meet or who knows who.

2. Respect teachers and doctors.

My mom always stressed the importance of respecting these leaders and experts.

3. Treat all people equally.

We are all equal and we should be treated that way. She approached every relationship with this mentality.

4. Wear bronzer.

A great way to look tan and healthy year-round, my mother was the first one to teach me how to apply bronzer.

5. Always say thank you.

It is so important to say thank you — and it goes a long way. Send a personal note when you can!

6. Have fun shopping.

Whether she was out shopping for herself or for others (my mom always bought holiday gifts for those around her), she made sure to make it a good time.

7. Keep your closet clean.

My mom always kept her closet clean and organized, and I’ve followed suit. Nothing beats a mess-free closet.

8. Put your family first.

Even when I was first starting my business, I always made time for my family. You’ll never regret the time you spend with them!

9. Feed anyone who is hungry.

My mom never thought twice about providing food for someone in need and was always offering to feed the people around her. She also taught me how to grill the perfect hamburger.

10. Be generous.

With your time, your money and your love. It will always make you feel happier.

11. Just ask.

You’ll never know the answer until you ask. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

12. Do it anyway.

My mother taught me to find a window if a door closes. If there is something you want, go for it.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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