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Women Led Brands to Shopw Right Now

Written by: Bobbi

In honor of Women’s Month, I wanted to spotlight a few of the women-led brands that I admire and am inspired by every day. This is only a handful of what’s out there and by no means a comprehensive list — there are so many incredible women doing incredible things. Have a favorite women-led brand? Send me a DM on Instagram and let me know.

Brother Vellies

Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies is a collection of handmade luxury accessories (think shoes, handbags, and more) that are all about celebrating “cultural histories and timeless designs.” I love her collection of Nude pumps.


A collection of cool false lashes and everything you need to apply them like a pro from J.Crew alum Jenna Lyons. Check out her show on HBO while you're at it.

Dieux Skin

Founders Charlotte Palermino, Marta Freedman, and Joyce de Lemos have knocked it out of the park with the Forever Eye Mask, a reusable under eye mask that works with your favorite eye cream. It keeps selling out, so get on the waiting list.


Rooted in Latinx heritage, Babba Rivera’s collection of clean hair care products is all about healthy hair and scalp.


Ariel Kaye’s collection of sheets, towels and home accessories makes spending more time at home a lot more enjoyable.


This expertly curated lifestyle shop from Shannon Maldonado has the best selection of art, home and personal care goods — plus, cool merch.

Just Date Syrup

Meet my new favorite sweetener. Founded by Sylvie Charles and Liselle Pires, this natural medjool date syrup is the easiest way to sweeten up your coffee, smoothies, or dressings.

Comme Si

Founded by entrepreneur Jenni Lee, Comme Si’s collection of wool, silk, cashmere and cotton socks will make you rethink your accessories game.

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher is the designer behind my favorite gold hoops — and the perfect collection of finishing salts.

Zen Basil

Founder Shakira Niazi is putting the spotlight on basil seeds with Zen Basil. This superfood packs more nutrients than chia seeds. I love adding them to smoothies.


Nikki Kule is officially the Queen of Stripes. Her striped tees and cool totes make getting dressed fun.

Sakara Life

Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise plant-based meal delivery program is loved for a reason: Science-backed delicious recipes, made with nutritious ingredients. Their bars and supplements are worth checking out too.

U Beauty

My friend Tina Craig (aka @bagsnob) launched U Beauty to prove you don’t need a 13-step routine to look good. Her Resurfacing Compound will transform your skin.


Founded by Astrid Schanz-Garbassi and Miriam Cruz, Agni is a healing food focused on balancing hormones to improve everything from fertility to digestion. Check out the Health & Immunity Box, a collection of foods that support sleep, digestion and immunity.

Seed + Mill

Tahini is the pantry staple you didn’t know you needed and my favorite comes from Rachel Simons, Lisa Mendelson, and Monica Molenaar, the women behind Seed + Mill.

Casa Dragones

I love a good tequila and Bertha González Nieves is behind one of my favorite brands, Casa Dragones.

Sex & Good

The latest from my friend Robin Levine (founder of Charlotte’s Book and Halo Sport), Sex & Good is all about supporting sexual health.

Haven’s Kitchen

If you haven’t tried Haven’s Kitchen’s collection of sauces (from founder Ali Cayne), you’re missing out.


I love everything founder Julie Schott has done with her brand, Starface. A zit sticker that works and looks cute.


Sarah Paiji Yoo is behind Blueland's refillable cleaning products free from single-use plastics, made with friendly (green) ingredients.


Cuup (led by co-founder Abby Morgan) makes, hands down, my favorite bra. Beautifully designed for a wide range of sizes.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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