Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

A Holistic Mindset: Why Your Diet Isn't Working

Written by: Linda Arrandt

Most of us have been there before. We’ve tried the paleo diet, or the vegan diet, or the low-carb diet, but nothing is working. We’ve tried intermittent fasting with no success. After a few frustrated turns in the mirror, we wonder why the diets that get glowing reviews from our friends seem to do nothing for us.

According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, diet is not the only area of your life to check for losing excess weight. The check and balance system for weight loss does not only rely on calories in and calories out. And our bodies are not the only part of us that wants satisfaction.

The “Circle of Life” concept argues that many other areas of your life can affect your weight and overall health. Instead of switching to yet another diet, take a look at how your life is filling you up. How happy are you in your personal relationships? Do you find your career rewarding? Are you living within your financial means? How often do you make home-cooked meals? Do you look forward to your exercise? How connected do you feel spiritually? Do you make time for creativity?

Unfulfilling areas of your life may be leading you into temptation. And if you’re hungry and exasperated, it might be the time to check what you might be missing—not just on your plate.

Personally, I need quality time with my friends or else I crave connection. I also feel more fulfilled when I am doing something creative on a daily basis. Lately, I’ve been creating homemade greeting cards for a charity with my daughter. This is a great activity because it gives us a chance to share a passion and the proceeds help to educate children in a developing nation.

Everybody has different needs. Take the time to figure out what areas you might cultivate to help you feel more balanced and whole.

I see incredible progress in my health coaching clients when the areas they lack are identified and we can work together toward improvement. Because the truth is that no aspect of wellness works alone. It’s time we take our needs seriously, and move toward holistic health.

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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