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How to Get Glowing Skin

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Mila Moursi is one of the top Hollywood skin gurus, with devoted clients including Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston. She has her own product line and outpost, Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care and Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute and Day Spa. We share similar philosophies on beauty: we both believe that looking gorgeous is about much more than products. Here are her go-to tips for incredible skin.


Beauty starts from inside, that’s for sure. Live a full life, but remember that moderation is key with everything. Maintain a lifestyle where you eat well, hydrate sufficiently, breathe deeply, exercise often, sleep soundly, and meditate daily.


Chew your food well and eat slowly. Taking care of your digestion will help your skin. Take a tablespoon of bran flakes every night to help cleanse your digestive tract. If you are allergic to bran, take probiotics. Avoid inflammatory food such as processed foods and sugars, as they will directly affect skin texture and condition as well as your overall health.


Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, but not more than that, as too much could lead to the loss of some essential minerals. If possible, drink alkaline water or add fresh lemon, as that helps your system detox and will hydrate you quicker.


Daily facial cleansing is a must for removing toxins and oils. Good cleansing leads to good oxygenation. When cleansing your face, use quick, fast, circular movements with your fingers and then remove the cleanser with a warm washcloth. Follow with a toner to complete the cleansing process.


Using a dry body brush on the skin from head to toe daily takes only a few minutes and improves circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes lymphatic drainage, and helps remove toxins.


If possible, spend some time outdoors every day. A little bit of sun is not your enemy; sun is healthy for bones and skin, as it delivers essential vitamin D and is also a mood elevator. Apply the appropriate SPF and moderate your sun exposure depending on your skin type, family history, age, and any health concerns.


Sometimes different brands have active ingredients that aren’t compatible with each other.


It takes time for products to create change. If they are not giving you results after two months, then you can try something else, but it takes time to see results.


Regular facial treatments can make you look younger very quickly. At home you can also improve your skin with massage. Daily massage promotes blood flow and oxygenation for vibrant skin. Wake up your skin with the tapotement technique, which is a light fluttering of your fingers along the skin (as if you are playing piano). For best results, do this after you apply your serum to further activate the active ingredients in the product.

To incorporate a gentle massaging stroke technique into your skincare routine, apply a cream, oil, or balm, and then start at the center of your face, moving upward to the sides of the face with overlapping strokes using flat hands. To massage the neck, apply cream, balm, or oil to the skin. Then use upward strokes from the clavicle to the jawline. Continue along the jawline from the chin to the ear with a sliding, lifting stroke. Repeat ten strokes for each side of the neck and face. After, you can also pinch along the jawline to bring more blood flow to the lower face area.

*This story originally appeared in Beauty From the Inside Out by Bobbi Brown. *

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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