Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

Meet Naturopathic Physician and Registered Dietitian Dr. Jaime Schehr

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

To put it simply, Dr. Jaime Schehr, N.D, R.D, gets it. Her background in nutrition and fitness led her to pursue a career in integrative medicine and today she works with clients to create personalized care routines that go beyond a prescription pad. We’re also big fans of her authentic, no nonsense approach to the latest wellness trends— a refreshing perspective in a sea of so much information (and misinformation). Get to know more about Dr. Schehr in our interview below and check out her What’s The Deal With series!

Tell us about your journey to where you are today, what led you to pursue integrative medicine?

I've been an athlete since I was 10 and was always interested in health, but it wasn’t until the 11th grade that I learned there was an actual profession in nutrition called dietetics. I knew from the moment I heard it, I wanted to be a nutritionist. I went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in health and nutrition, eventually securing a coveted graduate assistantship in sports nutrition with the University of Nebraska Football team.

While grateful for the opportunity to work with athletes, I quickly realized my passion for nutrition reached beyond the traditional. I moved back to NYC where I got my first job as a dietitian and was having lunch with a friend who described how she saw a naturopath who changed her diet and resolved her acne…. I had never heard of a naturopath or considered medical school but by the time that lunch was over my mind was made up. Back then integrative medicine was taboo, functional medicine was not yet a thing and naturopaths were still considered quacks. None of that mattered; I already had the nutrition degree now I wanted the knowledge.

How do you combine your love for fitness and nutrition in the work you do today?

In both my own life and in my work, I believe in order to be the healthiest version of ourselves we have to pay attention to how we eat, how we move, our stress levels etc. The rise in popularity of the fitness industry over the past few years has shifted many people to look more into their wellness than ever before. It’s no longer just athletes who want to know how to eat or what to take for performance, it’s all of us wanting to feel healthier and stronger and thus organically turning to nutrition and fitness.

We’re over a year into the COVID19 pandemic, how has your wellness philosophy changed during this time?

I don’t believe it changed as much as it has strengthened. The pandemic has reminded us how important mind/body medicine is in preparing us to deal with physical illness, immune issues as well as anxiety and emotional health. My philosophy has been our body our mind and our spirit all need to be nurtured for true wellness.

What do you love most about what you do?

The field of nutrition is constantly evolving; no two days and no two patients are ever the same. I am constantly learning and challenged by the evolving nature of the wellness industry, which energizes me (and yes, can sometimes be exhausting). I also develop relationships with my clients where I get to see their growth and awareness and that is incredibly fulfilling.

We love your “What’s the Deal With” series — what inspired you to start this and why do you think it’s important to discuss these topics in such an honest way?

I was constantly being asked the same questions, the most common was, “should I avoid dairy” and it always amazed me how even people with no food issues or who felt great would feel unsure about “dairy” so I decided I would post about it on my Instagram. The feedback from that very first post was incredible and it inspired me to continue that format.

My social media goal has always been to be both relatable and an unbiased credentialed source, presenting information in an authentic and realistic manner. This is something I am very passionate about.

What do you think is missing from wellness education today?

Patience and individuality. The way we receive information today particularly via social media is so fast and often partial–it leaves people overwhelmed and confused. One day we read that kale is good for you and the next day we are told it is toxic. We jump from one diet to another or purchase supplements we saw a post on, forgetting by the time it arrives why we even purchased it.

What’s the most common question you get asked by clients?

The most common question is always about whatever diet is currently trending. Whether it’s about a fasting diet or a cleanse, a low carb diet or high fat – people always want to know which diet is the best, or which works the fastest. My answer is always “it depends.” Is this diet sustainable for you? Can you make this a lifestyle? What’s your ‘why’? Is there longevity with this diet? I also believe the wellness industry way over complicates things, sometimes it just needs to be about simplicity – peeling things back and looking at the foundation that makes us most successful.

What foods or supplements fuel you? What do you try to eat/take every day?

I believe its not what we do one day that matters, it’s what we do most days. I don’t have absolutes or rules with my diet, but I have principals. I make sure that 50% of everything I eat is from vegetables. I ask myself often” How will this food will make me feel?” or “Am hungry or am I bored?”

I plan ahead and prioritize meals with my family. My supplements change from time to time but some things I am doing right now include magnesium, fish oil, GABA, vitamin D and collagen peptides.

Your wellness secret weapon:

It’s simple… I ask myself constantly “How does this make me feel?”

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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