Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

Namaste New York is Bringing Wellness to You

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

If there is one thing that can make sticking to your resolutions easier it’s convenience. What if you didn’t have to leave your home at 6AM for pilates? What if the nutritionist came to your office? Namaste New York offers just that. Started by Julie Wald, a clinical social worker, yoga teacher and reiki master, Namaste New York is a wellness concierge service (available in New York, Connecticut, and the Hamptons) that creates personalized fitness and wellness programs that work within your busy schedule.

Through Namaste, a roster of best-in-class wellness professionals are available when (and where) you need them to provide everything from nutrition counseling and personal training, to massage and meditation. This might just be the key to sticking with your resolutions this year. We caught up with the founder to hear more about her wellness vision:

Tell us more about your background...

I began my career as a Clinical Social Worker, practicing as a therapist with adults, children and families. At the same time I was deeply entrenched in my own wellness exploration and practice, and I became a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. The integration of these practices proved to be powerful in my work with high performing individuals and families in business, the arts, film, fashion and medicine. This is when Namaste was born.

For the past 14 years I have been juggling an inspiring career and an amazing family. It is all a delicate balance and as a mother of three, my own life is a laboratory of self care learning. At the end of the day my kids always come before everything else and keep me anchored. I’m grateful for that.

What led you to start Namaste?

It was September 2001 and I was busy working as a therapist and moonlighting as a yoga and meditation teacher in the homes of high-performing New Yorkers - captains of industry, celebrities and entrepreneurs. Then 9/11 happened. My personal wellness business rapidly expanded as successful New Yorkers were searching for meaningful practices that nourished them body, mind and spirit. The reality that each moment matters had become part of a larger consciousness, particularly in New York City.

People needed help, but didn’t really know what kind of help, or how to find quality wellness practitioners who could accommodate their busy schedule. Namaste is a wellness concierge and our purpose is to consult, curate and deliver personalized fitness and wellness.

How did you land on the combination of services Namaste offers?

Our services come from Namaste’s Four Pillars [of self-care], which are based on our most thriving clients and the ingredients that helped them to cultivate energy, strength, wisdom and grace. Services include Integrative Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates (Movement); Meditation and Restorative Yoga (Stillness); Massage Therapy and Thai Bodywork (Touch); and Nutrition Coaching (Nourishment).

We take the time to really understand you and your needs so that we can meet you where you are. We don’t believe that wellness can be delivered effectively without guidance and personalization.

Why was it important to you to offer these as in-home sessions?

We realized early on that time is a huge obstacle for Namaste clients. They want to do it all, but with work and family they do not have the time to cherry-pick and visit studio after studio, or vet practitioners themselves. Their scheduling needs are very specific. Namaste works in concert with our clients’ lifestyles, and supports continuity of care and a deeper connection to each fitness and wellness practice. This consistency produces real, lasting results.

What services do you recommend for someone looking to hit reset in the New Year?

  1. An Advisory session is always the best place to start!
  2. Regular Movement personalized for you, be it personal training, yoga, or multi-modality sessions
  3. A Mindfulness session- set intentions for the year, especially if you’ve never tried meditation
  4. A Namaste Introductory package is a great way to try a few sessions personalized for you and to kick-off your wellness plan for 2019!

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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