Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

Take to the Waters

Written by: Christina Valhouli

Photography by: SoJo Spa Club

Everyone has a different spa preference. Some people like a dark, soothing space with plenty of herbal teas while others prefer a more clinical atmosphere. Call us biased, but one of the greatest spa combinations we’ve ever discovered is treatments followed by a steaming bowl of bibimbap. Welcome to the world of Korean spas.

Although Korean spas are well known in NY and LA, one of the most luxurious is located in New Jersey: the new SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater. Located along the Hudson River directly across from New York, the spa opened about a year ago. Its spread over eight floors and the entire space is immaculate, stylish and toasty- guests must be barefoot but it’s no problem thanks to underfloor heating.

Here’s how it works: After checking in and receiving an electronic bracelet that acts as ID and a credit card, guests take off their shoes and head to a male or female locker room. If you’re interested in a Korean scrub, sign up as soon as you walk in as it’s done on a first come, first serve basis. Trust us, you will want a Korean scrub.

The first stop should be the Bath House, which contain three different soaking pools as well as a steam room. Bring a bathing suit but clothing is optional in the bath house. It’s honestly no big deal as the area is single sex and truly, the staff have seen it all before, but visitors should be comfortable with nudity.

After soaking in a pool to soften the skin, you’re ready for your scrub. The bath attendant uses a mitt and a bar of soap to vigorously exfoliate every inch of your body. You’re rinsed off with a bucket of warm water and sent off feeling as soft as a baby. Massages are available as an add-on.

After a scrub, head to the saunas and cold rooms (these areas are co-ed so everyone must wear a robe or lounge wear). Take your pick from the dry Finnish sauna or the white clay, pink Himalayan salt or red clay saunas. Cool off in the frosty ice room and do a circuit all over again.

When it’s time to eat, guests can choose from a casual cafeteria style restaurant serving American and Korean food (go for a bibimbap and a green smoothie) or a more formal sit down restaurant where it is still perfectly acceptable to dine in your bathrobe.

Need more pampering? There’s an on-site ESPA as well as outdoor pools and baths. Later this year, Sojo Spa Club will add a volcanic sand bath, and will be the only destination outside of Ibusuki, Japan to have this treatment.

SoJo is open daily from 9am to midnight and if you want to make a weekend of it, book a room at the on-site hotel. Daily admission is $50 midweek, and $60 on weekends. A complimentary shuttle is available from Manhattan.

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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